Siptah DLC and "World of Conan" Expansion (UE5)

Conan Exiles has been a blast playing since it was released in early access.

It started off with many ‘promises’ - which, I believe most have been implemented, Minus Sorcery -
as well as having several issues/bugs that the developers have diligently been trying to solve/squish.

Siptah represents a ‘farewell’ to the exiled lands for me.
(By this I mean the base game as well as the expansion 'Siptah’)

  • Its time for the graphic level we see with Conan, and the woman he rescues at the cross,
    to be implemented in-game. (UE5 - they have a great teaser video of this capability)

  • Its time to have a true open world map that is actually the world of Conan.
    (The possibilities of single-player rp, and multiplayer are endless with this.)

I’m excited for Siptah, but hoping that they embrace UE5 in beta, all next year, and deliver us the next generation Conan game.

  • Just watching Baldur’s gate 3, (Larian Studios), and how they have upped their game, and their dedication to pushing the envelope - got me thinking about Conan’s next steps with the engine they currently are using.

Go for it, Funcom!


Sure gonna be a lot of folks following your lead.

I doubt it. I hope they’ll do that for Dune, though.

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Going from UE4 to UE5 would mean rework all the base game right ?

This sounds like a huge amount of work… way too huge for an expac.


Seriously, especially since they still have bugs that have been there since the early days and still haven’t given us sorcery, though they’ve claimed multiple times that all they needed were artists for the animations/effects.

I mean - make a new game… The actual conan world.
This will be totally separate, just as Age of Conan is not part of exiles.

  • Although, they could really up the graphics, I would think.
    UE4 to 5 is meant to feel smooth…
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very unlikely. dune pre-production started some month ago and ue5 is only a preview as far as I know. not ready for production.

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That works… they make Dune first…
UE5 comes out this upcoming Jan, (They need time to play and get used to it), and releases end of next year - when they can do this. :slight_smile:

Just saw reviews and realized that the new expansion - saves over your original character save (even though its two different ‘games’. -
(they have to get better at things like this, big oversight… already need multiple saves so you dont have to drag save files around.) Anyway…

no? 2 different saves, one for each map

So wait if funcom allows two characters saves that means multiple alt on a main account I possible by that standard

no. it’s a seperate game.db for each map and we still have the funcomid as unique key in the database. 2 characters at the same map/in the same game.db would need a database redesign which is very unlikely at this point

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Would be interesting hmmm I wonder if I can spawn a baseplayerchar and then hook a controller to grab it and then stored a function to join said clan. Or even to have ability of having a baseplayerchar to match that was the one thing I havent explored because yer

You can only run one map at a time, but you can choose to switch between them without losing progress (seperate databases/saves, seperate characters - no character transfers).

I have seen a couple of people report on the forums they are losing their progress in the Exiled Lands after purchasing the Isle of Siptah DLC.
Unfortunately, not everyone knows the official forums exist and other people just resort to reviews to list all the issues they find even if they do know. It’s likely these reviews are coming from people having issues with this feature.

This was also stated by the team in these these comments:

How to pick maps is further outlined in these :pushpin: pinned posts:

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Just got the information off of Steam reviews… good to know that this is not exactly the case.

First they need to learn and control all the new shinny UE5 stuff. That’s take time and resources

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