Is this the END of Conan Exiles?

Nope. Conan Exiles team will still work on Conan Exiles. :b


i know, you need to say something

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@ nicole
how many people? 2-3 ar now working for CE and the other for the new game? Sry , because you must bring for CE more content or the last players of CE go away and your new game goes trashcan!!! I like CE but you never support this game in future , it was the last game of funcom for me… and i played first time at start in EA of steam.


seem to me a very bad idea to announce development of new game of conan with the issue that are still not adressed on CE. not sure at all that your community will follow you.


Management needs a seminar on franchise toxicity, and what causes it.

Companies need to stop experimenting on franchises. Experiments need to be their own fresh IP. Learn from Fallout76, Mass Effect, Call of Duty.

Learn from AoC, CE.


true, but apparently someone not very smart think that the same number of players who acquired CE will do the same if they launch another conan games… and this is very wrong, if you don’t finish your game , you will have a problem to sell the next one.

And the worst is that they have a jewel inside the hand with ce, but not yet polished…


Listen to hatsune miku, not weird experiments

But Maybe what if new game is here to repace age of conan?

I mean funcom mmo looks good, but they are rly rly old

Lets First see what they got

Maybe, then blame them.

Btw Who here at CE played Age of Conan?
There is also rly few mmo, so Maybe some good be nice to have

The new Conan game is developed by a different studio and only puplished by Funcom. They won’t withdraw developers from CE project for some offshore product.

Next, this game is single player only and therefore no immediate competitor to conan exiles, it’s players respectively. It wouldn’t makes sense form marketing standpoint, since the life phase of CE isn’t yet complete.

Do some reasearch and stop hyperventilate. Better for health, though. :roll_eyes:

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It’s just that Funcom has a track record is all.

Also, Hatsune Miku’s a weird experiment that turned into it’s own IP. Imagine they took Cortana and made her sing songs… don’t think people would find that as charming as a cyberpunk girl with a Japanese accent, unapologetically enthusiastic about casually butchering english songs with her cute voice.

The team working on the game we are revealing is not even sitting in the same building as the team working on Conan Exiles. Please put away your tinfoil hats. The sky is not falling :slight_smile:


But mine is a legendary Tinfoil Hat I got from the Giant Spider with a Skeliton Key.

“Tinfoil Cowl of The Delusional” - 5 to accuracy!!


Just let me clarify that I didn’t mean to make fun of people’s concerns. I do understand them but there is really no need to be alarmed for Conan Exiles due to what we are announcing :slight_smile:

And yes, tinfoil hats are cool! :wink:


But we dont see any progress of the new patch

Have you checked the Teslive branch?
Have you visit the trello page?
What exactly do you need to know?

yes i have and just read some storys about arrows

I still play AoC from time to time, had a lot of fun with it and met many fun people to play with, though the game’s concept is different of that on CE.

I’m a little late to the discussion, but I have updated the wiki page with the stream and game information that’s available right now:

care to disclose how many DEVElopers /coders are working in conan exiles?

when petroglyph made most strategies, they create strategy game

btw RTS isnt real time shooter/idk if it even exist
its real time strategy at least RTS always reffered to it

for others here wiki says
Q2 2019 conan RTS not conan exiles 2

and now they are start creating SP conan game/ guys whos worked on conan exiles/

i hoped it be something like campain,chapter or story dlc to conan exiles when i heard somwhere here about conan SP. but it looks like it be separate game