New Conan game announced

They will reveal more on September 8th

(lets hope they will develop Conan Exiles further or complete at least it’s devolopment with the missing systems)


:thinking: Same developer, Not interested! I’ve had my fill with the current Conan. Also not interested in the Mutant Zero game. For the love of Crom, I’d like for Exiles to work in 30+ ways. Exiles is fun, if you can ever get the dang thing to work. Like the bike in Judge Dredd (Stallone movie).

side note: I thought for a minute when I first saw the pic in this post, “alright Conan’s leaving for a new developer!” Lol… :rofl:


Let me guess…a mobile version




As long as I don’t have to buy Conan’s Atlantean Sword seperately.

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All right, some of my favorite people are here already. I could absolutely see this very map, with mounts, as a combat, MP platformer. Think of it like Arcade Joust had a one-night stand with classic Road Rash, with Mek Kamoses raising the love child. /spitballing

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I’m a little late to the discussion, but I have updated the wiki page with the stream and game information that’s available right now:
which might or might not be updated with new info asap… depending on how busy I am, since noone does my work in my stead.

It includes a new bullet point with image on what type of game it will be.

If you want to contribute to the wiki, don’t hesitate and ask me anything. The wiki has a channel on the fan-made discord as well.

We’re all gonna get so pissed if this new Conan game comes out more polished and with good performance than Exiles.


@ Caco Not possible. :slight_smile:

Also who wants to bet it will be Conan Battle Royal mode…


It’s a single player game isn’t it? Or is that speculation only? Can’t be arsed to verify what is rumors at this point, doubt I’ll be getting it anyway.

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I dunno either, I’m not sure I’m onboard for another early access title.


Early Access is an abomination and I will never support another one.


you forget the game is being developed (if funcom is behind it) by one the most disorganized dev team …

besides, be ready to hear a bunch of promises… that will never see the light.

AOC had it with pvp sieges . (took them years to have it somewhat working)
Conan exiles : purges,. (not working since release, but advertised as a game feature.)
NExt game : something will be broken and they will be unable to fix it in a long time.

this is an Xray of what funcom products has been. unlikely it will change…

edit it also explains why they are so slow fixing bugs… the devs are now being moved to another proyect (according to wiki) .

it took them several months to fix the wells not filling,. at that pace it will take a year or two to have purges working.

and NO they aint going to get my money neither. had enough with funcom.


hey, but still i like their games and want to see what is next. don’t like it? dont play. go crying somewhere else.


looks like you never play skyrim of fallout 4,

pepole here blame funcom for 9.99 dlcs, while at Calamity Club at bethesda /wich is more known than funcom, sorry to say that/ is for 13 dolars sold stuff wich corupt 300 hours savefile…, and most other stuff didnt work, together cc stuf in fallout cost 2 times more than goty editon, 80% of thad dont work, or broke your game, 0 bug fixes, 1 year took to create separate category for building items, 0 responses from bethesda and you have to download dozens of mods to fix that, here they at least respond /and not just 1 of them/ to you and even consider its bug and not feture…

conan have bugs, its big open word game, it will have bugs, sometimes it annoys me, but we shoul be happy for what we have here at Funcom, u dont want be Bethesdas customer

btw find other developer wich isnt make from theirs players jerks or try take their money for nothing or essential stuff, ok for me CDproject and Funcom but this list be wery wery short

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i am talking about funcom, have i said anything regarding other developers practices? ,

everything stated in my post holds true. i am not complaining if i got my money worth or not. what i am saying is simply whats in the history. nothing else.

and my decision stands, (which is very personal , ) and looking as how some other people in the community has responded, it looks to me i am not alone , i wonder why!

have a wonderful weekend! .


Iam, here little bit new, so i didnt know if some bugs are here for few years

Point is almost evry developer make from customer jerk, and for me it funcom isnt so big b*tch, like bethesda

i want bugs be fixed next day as anyone else/or dont be here at all/, but with my experience with other games, i just gave up

I have to admit, I’m becoming extremely wary of game developers’ promises now. With the struggle Funcom has had, plus the debacle of Bioware’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, the overhype of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, the mismatch of Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal community, the utter failure of Bethesda’s Fallout 76, and the mismanagement EA’s Battlefield V, its like the gaming industry has begun to collapse in on itself.

EDIT: And now we can add the ‘social justice’ political game from Bioware – Dragon Age: Dread Wolf.


Either that, or the media is preying on the fears and passions of gamers.
people say the world is going to shyte. Truth is though it use to be so much worse. We are just aware of ALL of it now. All of it at the same time. It can feel overwhelming.

But keep in mind that the gamer population has utterly exploded as gaming has become THE predominant form of entertainment globally beating both music AND film.

Not everyone is gonna invest time in telling a film Director what to do in their next film… or tell a singer to sing differently. Either one likes them or one don’t. One buys them or doesn’t.

But games? Oh man… They are a whole different can of worms. See, players LIVE with games and franchises. Due to the somewhat more malleable nature of games, you can imagine just how much feedback flows.

Negatives get amplified through the roof, while achievements and triumphs become a norm or “Industry standard”.

Luckily for us all, developers are a stubborn form of cave mushroom, who keep thriving in the dark and getting their feedback through the mycelial network. Mycelial networks don’t absorb tin foil hats.

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Hi everyone,
Your concerns are valid and understandable. However, the existing Conan Exiles team has nothing to do with the game that we are announcing. The team of the new game has never even worked on CE nor are they sitting in the same building.

Conan Exiles’ development is in no way influenced by this new game even though it’s set in the Conan universe.

Please also refer to this post regarding plans CE for next week and before the Holidays.