I want the best for Conan Exiles

All good points.

I think you mean “content.” Having contempt would be to wish the game harm, which I think we all can agree none of us here want.


Good points sir.

The thing is before the whole overhaul of the combat there were actual heavy and light attacks. You pres the mouse button you do a fast light attack, you hold the mouse button and you do a heavy attack. There were a lot of similarities with Skyrim’s and ESO’s combat system. Mechanics i actually liked and i think fitted the game way better that the system we have now. Those combat animations we have now could have worked better with the older system, being able to move while attacking and chasing down running foes.

Yes, indeed. While I was not a fan of the old combat system, being able to attack on the move gets the experience in another level, with this new combat system, while pretty to the eyes and pleasant to play, still gives that feeling that something is “missing”, and of course that is being able to strike while running or jumping/falling.

I’m sure that once they manage to make it work and implement charge attacks, could be a holdable/charged attack while running as the ones we have on bow and katana, a jump/fall attack, will enrich the combat for miles and create new metas.

edit* Ahhh, I forgot, it’s quite plausible to have these attacks, we’re getting mounted combat, one thing im sure we will be able to hit with the horses moving :laughing:

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After the widespread issues arose with Blood and Sands, it took 2 days for them to release the hotfix.
Much faster than I’ve experienced with much larger companies.
Are you demanding same day fixes?

Then will we possibly find you back here, complaining about rushed hotfixes? :rofl:

In my opinion, the bugs, balance, and glitches are currently being controlled and addressed more than sufficiently.
Bring on that juicy new content!

The effort put into DLC does not even feel close to the effort put into the free additional content. Far more meaningful content provided in the free updates.

DLC is priced well, essentially RP specific, nothing really of great value for PvP. Certainly no P2W aspects at all. As it should be!

Also No DLC = No New Content.

There are/have been, literally the same AI bugs in WoW, and ESO, for years; the pets don’t attack (even with commands), attack corpses, aggro on wrong target, bugged damage/health regen etc.
In fact WoW, also has combat system bugs, that have existed for pretty much it’s entire life span.

I personally was not a huge fan of the hack ‘n’ slash combat system we had. I definitely don’t want to see anything that even resembles that.

Also, if the combat system in CE is so flawed now, and you play predominantly for combat. Why on earth are you people playing the game? It makes absolutely no sense.

People always seem to state combat is broken then proceed to explain; not bugs, but personal grievances.

It just appears to me, that a section of this community (including some YouTube personalities), have a strange obsession with constantly stating that the game is completely broken, when it clearly isn’t.

I personally believe this is more damaging to the games reputation/player base than anything else.

Imagine as a new player, you come here to form an opinion on purchasing the game. Or better yet, watch certain videos on YouTube. Most of which pander to the vocal majority here…


You’re right Caco. I saw it in a video, a fight from a horseback with a wolf while the horse is moving. This will be in the Mounts Upgrade in December.


I do not know what bugs your are talking about in WoW and ESO i have been playing them for years, even if there are some bugs they are minor ones that do not affect gameplay, and i am not currently playing CE i haven’t put more than 5-10 hours for the last 4-5 months.

Combat is not hack and slash it is only locked in a 3rd person combat and made slower thanks to the lack of movement while the combat animations play.

What free content are you taking about, a few new weapon types, and a few dungeons ? Sure i guess it’s something. I do not demand fixes every day i do not demand anything, you misunderstand what i am trying to say. All i am saying that the frequency of bug fixing and new content is not that big. There are little additions from the actual 2018 release date till now, mostly cosmetics with little fixes.

Thank you . Also when you have several tell there age
Earlie on I met a ten year old that was more knowledgeable about the game than I and most people I had met. A little chat with there buddy’s breaking in speaks volumes.


But not for long… Just running around naked with either huge boobs or huge dicks because thats “funny” and even before hitting lvl60 they quit.

Ark is destroying itself with its grief

Ark is being destroyed by meshing and griefing. Not to mention 50 man tribes destroying everyone they can find.

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You say you dont know what bugs, and then immediately admit the games have bugs. :rofl:
Anyway, I pretty much listed them. The ones that relate to CE issues anyway.
If you want another from WoW; getting stuck in combat until you log out/in is a major one, never fixed.
If that doesn’t affect gameplay, I don’t know what does.
I won’t even get started on PvP exploits. (Although obviously the ban rate is much higher on WoW).

As far as ESO goes you must be kidding me…

I’ll just leave this here;

I said the combat system we had originally was a bit hack ‘n’ slash. I’m obviously aware of the system we have now, and honestly I prefer it.

I’m not even dignifying that with a response.:joy:

Every product driven company will have some type of lifecycle management (at least they should). In the case of a game company this will dictate patch frequency amongst other things.

People simply do not take into account everything Funcom has to.
Maybe there are a lot of things they want to put in the game. Perhaps they don’t have the time, or money to allocate in order to implement, or even fix everything.

You realise they are operating a public company. They have to do what is best for their shareholder’s interests.

Also they are human.

Anyway, I signed up here to help new players, but somehow keep getting involved in these ‘game broken’ threads.:rofl:

Every game is a work of Art, and we should all feel privileged to experience a world where such things exist.

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Again you are missing the point, it has been over a year and the overall progress is slow, yes they are human but it also raises the question that something is not right. We wouldn’t have people leaving the game and threads covering the forums with bug issues. ESO has issues regarding the server latency especially in EU, i know because i play it. Yet those bugs you showed are minor and are only regarding PvP and the one that occur in the world and PvE are RARE, in CE bugs are often erupting during gameplay. There are bugs in ESO and in WoW true but those bugs aren’t dictating the flow of the gameplay like we have in CE.

I like the idea of CE it’s a game with beautiful models and visuals but can you please stop ignoring/defending the problems plaguing the game.

Game forums are generally covered with complaints and threats to leave the game. Nature of the beast. I actually agree that their bugfixes and improvements are slow, their improvement devcycle seems slow without evidence of a lot of QA. However, on release the netcode and optimization was godawful, and it’s hard to know how much under the hood work had to be done before they could worry about surface stuff we can actually see. For example, climbing and the build anywhere option isn’t in other games like this, so it’s hard to know how that affects the work. You don’t do your point any favors by overstating the problems and understating the improvements.

Take a balanced approach. Offer feedback but also give credit. The game is neither a gift straight from Mitra’s loins with no flaw, or a bugfest straight from Set’s bowels although we all spend 3000 hours in it.

Occasionally I go play Ark so I can cry for how bad Conan’s animal AI is and quake in fear for what mounts will be like. Then I try to build something in Ark and remember that it is absolute horsesh*t and strangle myself with the mousecord waiting for Conan to load so I can build happy again. Balance.


I think the QA is the playerbase with the testlive client. Given the low amount of players on the testlive client testing, there will be issues.

Probably true, but it shouldn’t be that way. It’s one way the game doesn’t work, so QA ends up being customers post-launch.

They have probably done a lot of backend system and coding work over the last months to get mounts working, which required a lot of resources. There is probably other things going on behind the scenes not revealed yet that takes time too. It would explain why not everything is fixed yet and why not the updates have been big enough for certain peoples liking.

The problem is, how FC plays the game all the time… In every dev stream.

Running around in god mode. Pimped up values… The glowing stick had 1 hour duration at the latest stream… But FC disabled with the latest patch, that you can modify the glowing stick to hold 50mins (instead of 20mins).

Thats the reason, you get way to OP items, then nerfed into oblivion because FC is not really good at balancing afterwards…

Also the lack of communication behind many things is the next thing. Why cannot state the arguments, why things got changed.
Why does heavy gear suddenly requires hardened steel?
Why does hardened steel now need black-ice?

I dont think that some guy in FC wakes up one day and decides to change such thing on a whim. There is background thinking behind it, which is kinda the worlds most top secret…

The oil of agony is still completely false described in the official conan blog:

Quote: * Oil of Agony – Either increases weapon damage by 10% permanently or increases weapon damage by 25% temporarily

Just for info, the Oil of Agony was never % based on testlive…

@Loke When FC did so many things in the backend, just tell it… Tell the community why some bugs gets not fixed so fast, because they are doing so much other things for the game.

One can only hope, but seeing that they revealed mounts, is a wrong way to implement a new system like that, it will just bring more exploits and bugs. I mean we already have obelisk to teleport you from one location to another, why need mounts, the map is big true but you can move from one spot to the other in a decent time, maprooms could be brought down to scale same with the animal pens, i do not understand why they are so big, what i cant have a small map placed on my wall and use it instead of that big altar-map room ? Same goes for animal pens, why isn’t there a small cage variant where i can place a small cub, it’ doesn’t need a big pen, those should be a necessity for the big creatures like elephants,rhinos and the upcoming horses. I mean there are cages around the world, and i cant use them to place animals or even humans.

I’m very sad how they released emotes in a dlc. This I consider a pay-to-play thing fully, at least in my rp view. Now, I’ll be forced to buy this dlc, whether I like it or not, to keep head-to-head on rp terms with those that do have the dlc. Again, way to go FC…

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Well…things seem to be fine with the new update, guess QA did their job…oh wait.

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