Is this the worst you have seen CE at?

About 30 bugs exist as reported and acknowledged by FC on just Xbox alone. Ranging from individual weapon type specific bugs, to not being able to load any thing IoS. Some bugs are more detrimental than others, but all have an impact. Compiled, the total impact is incredulous. More bugs get added with each fix, we seem to be adding slowly to the bug total as apposed to eliminating them. Is CE slowly becoming worse than ever on your platform?

Anyone care to count the bugs for their platform and add to the discussion?


Amount of bugs means nothing… its how working game is. Or itlest how enjoyable it is.

Last yearIt carried over into 2020 anyway), couldn’t build anything for 6? 7 months. Cause your character would swing weapon or jump every time you placed a item down.

(console issue) that took them from Sept/Pct till next year to finally fix. It was infuriating. But just about everything else worked… Lowest amount of bugs… but one of worst times to be console CE player. XD

Right now, Theres abunch of minor stuff… we got a patch incoming (should anyway, since xbox got it)

Before that patch, the list was decent, The game was playable…fun! Sure i lost few thralls in ground, and kept finding them half in floor or not were I placed them. Few of Spawns were broken, Boss used fists instead of weapons…

Itlest I could play. XD


I play PC, I do not count the bugs, because they are so minor and have such a trivial effect on my game play that I could really care less if they are ever fixed.

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“Is this the worst you have seen CE at?”



I don’t have access to an actual bug tracker, like JIRA. Even if I did, I wouldn’t just plop down a bug count and feel clever about it.

I do wish we had access to their JIRA, though, because that would allow us to analyze the situation better, taking into account not only the number of bugs, but their severity, how likely they are to manifest, and whether they have workarounds or not.

Even better, we could look at the most critical bugs and know whether they have enough data associated with them. That way we could actually help, instead of just complaining, because we could try to add the missing data.

Of course, not everyone would want to do that. Some would say “it’s not my job”, others would say “screw that, too much work, I would rather play something else”, others would say “nah, I’m fine with this, someone else would solve it”. And they would all have the right to think so and act that way, but at least those who wanted to help would have a better idea how they could contribute.


I don’t want to start a whatabout war, this isn’t my purpose here. Lately I’ve been devoting more time to Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PS4, because believe it or not, it hasn’t felt like a finished game.

This is from a AAA studio.

Funcom raced to get this game out to us and let us come along as contributors. It has been a wholesome, more transparent and overall satisfying interaction. Conan Exiles feels like a finished game now too. That we also have a bug tracker ensures these things get stomped out, as we progress from Finished Game to Polished Smash-Hit Classic.


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I agree with the general gist of what you said, but I really, really disagree with this.

I’ve been playing Cyberpunk 2077 lately and having a great time with it. When it came out, it was a horribly buggy mess. It was literally unplayable for a huge number of people. Now it still has some bugs, but not many and most of the time they’re completely cosmetic. Those that aren’t cosmetic are very few and have simple workarounds.

I know it’s unfair to compare Conan Exiles with a single-player game like CP2077, but I’m not comparing all of it, just the overall impact of bugs and missing details. And the only verdict I can arrive at is that Conan Exiles still very much feels like a not-completely-finished game.

It’s true that most of the bugs in Conan Exiles can’t be called “game breaking” with a straight face and that a lot of the bugs have easy workarounds. But all this stuff adds up and it grates so much that it will inevitably erode any player’s tolerance.

Here are a few examples of what makes me (personally) feel like Conan Exiles is unfinished:

  • Mummy of the Ring is still not there. Yeah, yeah, I know, it gets trotted out every single time. But if it’s not going to get implemented, then remove the references to it. This is the equivalent of having a serious company have an “About Us” link on their homepage that leads to a 404 and never gets fixed no matter how much people point it out.
  • The Dregs. It’s one of the oldest dungeons in Conan Exiles and it’s been constantly plagued by serious problems. NPCs sink into the entrance mesh and now even fall through, making it challenging to open. On top of that, the boss itself was plagued for months by an extremely serious bug that left the client and the server in disagreement about which way the boss is facing. If you ran into that bug, you couldn’t kill the boss in melee combat, and if you didn’t bring enough arrows with you, you were SOL. This might not be “game breaking”, but it’s hella not fun.
  • Zath religion teacher is not spawning. I know Zath is the newest religion. I know that the absence of the teacher is something a newcomer wouldn’t even notice because they wouldn’t even know that there’s something missing. I get that this is a minor detail and that there’s a workaround – you can invest a tablet of power and grab the religion from the feats. But it’s an important minor detail.
  • The Degenerate. Another boss that has been plagued by bugs. I don’t know whether it’s all working correctly now or not, I stopped paying close attention. I don’t even know how he’s supposed to behave. Here’s how he behaved for me, when there were no observable bugs: he would talk a bit, then summon waves of laughably easy-to-kill ghosts, then just keel over and die. Is that a bug? I don’t know, but if it isn’t, it’s a damn weak endgame boss. The human NPCs around the Volcanic Forge are infinitely tougher. Even if you avoid aggroing them, you still have to fight your way through a whole bunch of serpent-men and then you get to the Degenerate and you end up thinking “Wait, this is it? This is what I was fighting to get to?”
  • Getting stuck in King Rhino or Giant Croc meshes. It’s been too damn long.

I could go on, but I hope this illustrates my point. Conan Exiles is a game that has been getting better and better progressively. But in terms of “dropping the ball”, there are still way too many balls on the floor. Funcom keeps picking some of them up, but new ones keep falling, too. At some point, you either quit and play something else, or you stop caring about all the balls rolling on the floor. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep asking them to clean up the mess. We just need to be polite, constructive, and reasonable about it.


That’s completely respectable and cool. I know you trust me not to move the goalpoasts, so I’ll just explain what I mean.

When I play RDR2, there are all the litany of funky things you can glitch, and NPCs you can game, and situations you can exploit in almost every environment. The views descend into mad pixels in some chasms, the storms look like mattress ticking, dead NPCs glitch out and fly off in some situations. It’s not game-breaking, but not polished.

When I go into town however, and I pop someone in the mouth, the NPCs no longer have God Understanding throughout the entire populace, rather there’s a locality to the knowledge of my douchery. When I get into a knife fight with an online griefer, he can no longer glitch out of it, and I can get another trophy for my wall. But more than that, it no longer plays like a jank-fest.

Conan Exiles has reached that same admittedly low bar. I am generous though, because I’ve seen both games at their worst.


I agree that’s where the difference arises. I call it “feeling like a finished game” when it plays, responds and operates well. In this context everything else is akin to tuning, patching and in some cases, enabling.

As in RDR, I can see “content packs” being added to flesh out the story. This would include missing pieces. Spit and polish, like the dungeons, I think will take a Community effort.


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That must be pleasant, to be able to play when how as you wish. That would be a nice thing for console players too.

Oh well, our experience is degraded to the point that thralls cannot be used out of risk of loss. But it is so great to hear you can enjoy yourself, and i guess i apologize for wanting the quailty of experience you share on PC. Wicked sorry to want what you have for no other reason than we paid for the same game you did. Hope you continue to have all the fun you can get from CE. The console community is happy with refresh mode only play. We love it…

I apologize again Miss Dancer, i forgot that CE was made just for you, and if you are happy with it as is, then we should all be happy. I forgot the world spins around you and your tutu. Forgive me please…oh, the shame of it!

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I agree with finding better or more productive means to improve CE. It sucks that it keeps being the responsibility of the players though. Without effective improvements, we lose more players. Bug reports fall in number as players quit or lose confidence and just stop reporting. Bugs take longer to patch, and we have more active bugs added with each patch. And each patch can change the parameters that contribute to an active bug and make any older reports and/or progress moot. Making bugs have a much longer lifespan.

They should call the next DLC, Hell in a Hand Basket…we are on schedule for release.

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I dunno, I haven’t noticed any bugs - at least not in EoS. I’m sure there are some - as there are in every other game - especially every open world survival game - but I haven’t noticed them. A few mechanics aren’t to /my own/ liking but not really noticed any bugs that bothered me enough to remember them.

That must be nice. Sounds like you are not on console…PC?

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Honestly, after all this time, this is the only thing that really bothers me anymore. To the point where I just don’t do it.

Like, screw the feats you can learn, screw anything that requires abysmal mats. It just makes me sour every time I think maybe it will have been fixed and I go to enter the Dregs.

Other than that, I cannot think of anything that I even notice anymore (whether it has been fixed, its ocurrance is rare, or I just have accepted it).

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Me? Yes, modern high-ish end PC… 5600x, 2080ti, 128GB RAM, 4K Mon, etc…

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It’s the first dungeon I ever did in Conan Exiles. I remember listening to the whispering voice of the Remnant and going slowly through the dungeon, with the apprehension and tension mounting with each door I opened. It’s really, really well done in terms of ambiance and it’s exactly the kind of stuff I would expect from a game based on Conan.

So I’m salty as hell about it.

See, this is what bothers me a lot. When I’m not on hiatus, I play the game despite all these annoyances that I’ve had to “accept”.

Knocked out an NPC and it fell through the ground? Ugh, gotta relog. You bet your ass I notice that, but hey, at least there’s a workaround for the bug.

Trying to place a bunch of walls and the overlay won’t show up for one of them? Ugh, look down and back up. Did that solve the problem? Not this time? Fine, change to a different piece and then back to the wall. Awesome, now it worked. Yeah, I noticed that, too, it keeps breaking my flow.

I remember when switching between 1st person and 3rd person view used to trigger target lock. Well, maybe it still does, I don’t know, because I’ve trained myself not to do it under circumstances where it would get triggered.

Oh, and don’t get me started on “-str +acc” perks when leveling fighters…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill here. I know these are all minor annoyances. I know that Funcom is improving the game constantly, they really are. But I’m not going to go to the other extreme and claim that everything is fine with their QA outcomes or their design decisions. (I’m not accusing you of doing that, I’m just explaining my point of view.)

And I play on PC. From what I keep hearing from console players, the game is much worse there. So yeah, there’s definitely room for improvement.