Anyone else experiencing this?

I stopped playing in december, everything worked fine and i returned to the game about a month ago. And since then my game has been broken. I’ve spend countless hours trying to fix this, i tried port fowarding, disable upnp, rebuild ps4 database, restarting router, disable firewall, reinstalling the game & pretty much every possible solution out there.

Nothing has worked, i tried posting under [ps4, updates & bugs] but no one could really tell me whats wrong.

I use a wired internet connection with fast internet. I play on a regular ps4. Every other game works perfectly fine for me but conan. I play on official pve-c.

Heres how my game has been looking like for the past month. Players & NPC’s teleporting all over. I cant pvp with this or really enjoy the game. Decided my last option would be to reach out to the community hoping someone else have experienced this and know how to fix it.

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This is happening on PC servers and PS4, I own the game on both platforms. It’s been getting worse… might be time to move on.

I just tried to help man…

Sorry if you feel offended I’ll lead off of using that term

Does your game look like mine tho?

Or, how to report it. It appears valid. Send those details and further details (event log) directly to Hugo or Ignasis.

Double check your ping time with the server in the server selection window. If you are on any server with a ping time greater than 66ms, then expect to notice lag while in game. Let us know if this makes sense.

Happens on PC as well. Don’t hold your breath for a fix.

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I picked that server about a year ago because it had the lowest ping (usually around 30). I’ve done some testing and it jumps from 33 to 66 to 99 and to 137. I understand that the gportal servers are under alot of stress these days. I just want to know if other people are experiencing this condition as bad as i am.

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