Other people can see me move around fine, but on my screen they freeze and teleport

So the lag in the game for me basically ruins the experience. I just watch my friends rubber band around me and freeze on the spot, next thing I know they’re so far ahead. Obviously people just said it was my internet or whatever similar to that, but all that was completely fine and I’ve never struggled with problems with a game until Conan. So literally the only way I have found to solve my problem is to uninstall the game and re-download it. This worked for me last time when I played the game in April, but I got a solid 2 days in before the lag started. This time it was there straight away and anything I came across would just be lagging all over the place. I can move completely fine, it’s just whenever I come across an enemy or a player they lag all over the place. I’m playing on PS4 by the way and I was just wondering have you ever had someone with similar issues and if so, anyway that you could help me try and stop this issue?
Edit: finally re-downloaded it but to my luck it’s still lagging, I ran into a bunch of enemies and they were just lagging all over the place. Please help…

I’ve experienced the same thing but only while my base is loading in. It works perfectly fine for me at any other place.

Me too.

I haven’t found a solution to this. I just have to wait till things render properly but if you experience these issues everywhere, I can offer you any solution.

Funcom crew will be on tomorrow morning. If you have more information like type of server, location can help them.

Hello @Bobby_Frunk, welcome to the community!

What’s your current connection speed and ping to the server?

Are you on a wired connection or wireless one?

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Wireless connection and how do I check my ping?

the png is next to the server name on that select screen

I’d suggest using a wired connection. It’s quicker and more stable. The ping could be a reason as the others said, but I’ve had an official server with a ping of 1800 and it worked better than I expected. Then there are ping 200 servers that are really laggy. Normally the high ping should cause lags but I’ve experienced other situations.

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