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Official server 3828 Very Buggy, gamebreaking

Wow playing on a PS4 pro, going to the black hand pirate ship, or enemy encampments that have multiple NPCs, enemies do not render until I am already dead or being struck. There is spotty movement of my thralls they don’t attack when following the whole game seems buggy. There are only about 14 players on the server which is PVE c official server 3828. I don’t know if it’s the game I doubt it is my connection as I am running at over a hundred 50 megabits per second

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Play on the server

yep and many other areas are like this. even raids with only a small group can be a lag fest on PS4, PS4 pro.

this has been an issue since launch (and before). many people have given up on the console game due to the fact that funcom only seems to fix PC related issues. no test server for consoles, no acknowledgment that PS4/XBOX even have a lag issue (due to they don’t test but PC).

sound lag, animation lag, menu massive lag. death due to lag is the worst and then sometimes (often) the corpse can’t even be seen or found.

disable loot drop corpse runs on all official servers until this issue is fixed or improved. and i assure you it has not improved since launch (we even now have new bugs in all aspects of the game and still this lag).

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