Ps4 problems at official servers only

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Region: [any region]

im facing an stressing problem with this game. I spend hours playing and a lot of money purchasing all DLC’s and im felling hurt. Everytime i join an OFFICIAL server the game work in slow motion, i mean, i join (after a long wait) and a frame or two every 3-4 seconds, i tried reinstall, configurations, space on hd (currently the only game installed at my ps4 is conan exiles so plenty space). I noticed the problem only occur at official servers. I wanna play at official servers, first because my friends are there, second cause the exp, farm and all are at good rates, third theres no servers with same rates. I need a solution please cause i wont throw my money at trash.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Open game
2.Join online
3.Choose any official server
4.“Enjoy” the problem

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The game was released in 2018. An Official server is not new. It depends on what they have inside the server of other players it will be more light or slow … not to mention Troll and constructions to block and break the game. Some players think this is fun and then complain that they are alone on the server.
I recommend: search other server o wait for the new update hopefully solve the performance issues


Is this a pvp server or pve-c? My wife and I play on 2 different official server’s with out problems. As @jmsasuke mentioned there are people who enjoy messing up the game over actually playing. Are your friends having issues getting on or playing?

thats not the problem, its ALL OFFICIAL SERVERS pvp, pve, empty or full of players, same problem. Others servers work without any problem.

any official server have this problem, and only with me, none else

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I recommend sending a message to Zendesk explaining everything you can and video

there is address good luck to you.

I don’t mean that bad, but maybe it’s because of your bad internet connection.

I’ve been playing PvE on an Official Server since day one.
I play smoothly and in 60fps on PS4 Pro.

I play with a 1GB connection. :wink:


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no, it’s not bad internet connection. Godo for you that you play smoothly, i dont.

thanks, ill try do that as soon as i got time to that. I hope they try solve problem, not only take our money

How are you able to tell it’s at 60fps?
Is there something you can enable to see the frame count on PS4 pro?

This is very easy to do with a keyboard, you can have a control panel appear that shows you which processes are happening on the console.

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Oh cool

Didn’t know about this at all. Thanks