CRAZY lag since the update

Currently playing on 3515.
This game has always had lag, but I played Ark, I expected stuttering and I’ve actually been impressed that it wasn’t as bad as expected. Since today’s update, however, I can barely even walk through my house, which is not very big.
I almost think it has something to do with the interaction pop-ups? Any container or door just drags the game down. Some containers are freezing the game for a good 5 seconds!
I definitely never had this problem before the patch.


To update, this seems to have gotten better? Maybe it just needed time to work through some things?

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I’m having real lag issues and I’m offline. This update has lost me almost every crafting bench, not to mention chests and cupboards full of stuff, but I can deal with that, but the regular freezes are a real pain.


I definitely think it’s related to quickloot. Do you agree?

It’s most noticeable when approaching storage, so yeah, that quick loot window could be a factor.

I am playing offline and have no issues with lag. This is with a bunch of buildings and thralls.

Must admit it was less noticeable tonight, and I was rebuilding what I lost to the wedge foundation bug. I also had a clean out of unused games so maybe memory issues was slowing it down.

I have only really noticed extreme frame rate drop and or lag in combat with another player since the update. Performance otherwise seemed better.

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Mine has become far worse since update and the patch did nothing to change it. Come close to walking off ledges many times now. Almost always I blip past anything I am trying to walk to as the lag already has me several steps farther when I stop.


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