Lag after update

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [Asia]

It is lag after update. Unacceptable…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Adding to this

It only lags after you’ve logged on, meaning your base is loaded in and rendered. I just used a map room and teleported to the bridge of the betrayer and saw 2 floating bodies.

The game is so laggy it can only load 1 piece at a time, like it would take 5 minutes to completely load your base in

I was able to kill the two players sleeping there, while their base was still loading in, client check kept teleporting me back but i had another 5 seconds to get hits on a player, rinse and repeat for 2 armored offline players.

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I cannot load the notification, need 20sec to open door. Stuff didn’t appear after build / place until I restart the game. My teammate experience this too. Finally we give up last night.

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Conan exiles lagged our entire server last night. Gear wouldn’t load in vaults or chests right after being placed in them. We were getting raided and couldn’t even defend properly because all of our stuff was inaccessible due to the INCREDIBLE amount of lag. Server 3593 if any of u devs care. Please fix this laggy mess. I quit the game for three weeks on server 3525 because of similiar issues. How many times do i need to level to 60 before yall fix it? My entire clan and i are seriously considering trying ark out if this is the best yall can do.


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