Loading/Lagging issues

Game mode: [Online | Official Server 3514]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [America]

Every time i load into the game doors wont load nor thralls or stations or gates for up to 10 minutes. Then when it finally loads i grab my gear and head out for battle and now I am dealing with teleporting/lagging enemies, stamina bar that does not move or is delayed, and a health bar that drops at random with no animation of being attacked. (Doesnt matter if there are 7 people on the server or 40 the issue keeps happening) This issue started this month.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
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Edit; Just fyi

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That link takes me to a wiki page. Please god tell me funcom is not using a wiki page to handle bug reports

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this is in PS4 updates and (Bugs) this is the appropriate place, because its a bug. If this is not please post a direct link to where is.

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The wiki page lists all the useful links in one place, on the forums they’re a bit scattered. I’m linking the wiki page because then you know what the appropriate place for each kind of issue is, not just bugs or server issues.

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Hey Meepoe, our server has been having problems since End of March. They just fixed the loading screen not so long ago, now we all are having problems with render/lag issues. #3514

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i have a feeling its from to many stuctures on the server. where people have enclosed entire areas like the safari section and the highlands. probably upset people, but this could be solved with a hard stucture limit per person or per clan. atleast for console and its limited capabilities.


and since 3514 is unplayable i joined an asian server thinking hey i play mainly at night CST so their purge hits my play times. ok, but now im going on 3 days for the asian servers to update from last hotfix patch. Why do most of the other servers (Europe,North American, etc…) seem to come back up within 24 hours easily, but the asian ones take days? (The asian servers are listed as an invalid version)

Im having this exact issue on server #3515 and it lags other players as well