Please fix these problems that started with the latest release

Devs, server people, please fix the following…

Every time i approach, my thralls run up to me. This is aggravating, disruptive to my game play, not to mention when my dancers run up to me i constantly have to pick them up and put them inside my house, lest they get killed by a hyena or sandstorm. My work- around has been to pen my dancers in to a second story loft surrounded by stone fence so they cant go anywhere. I can no longer see them, so the visual appeal and ambiance of my home is gone. Please stop thralls from running up to me as i approach.

In additiion, building is difficult now. I can place 1 or 2 construction blocks, then i have to choose it from my wheel again, and that doesnt always work. It makes building a chore instead of fun.

I had to move my bed to the dirt ground outside my house because if i have my bed inside my house, i keep spawning trapped inside foundation blocks.

First person view is ruined. Now i have to look at my hands flopping around like dead fish, rather than being able to enjoy the scenery. And in first person, many times i am looking at the inside of my armor. Please fix this. The game is unplayable in first person, and i am forced to switch to 3rd, which i do not like, so that i can see unencumbered by my flopping hands or armor interior.

Constantly encumbered, all i do is “slow walk” everywhere. I am putting all points earned into encumberance, but still i can barely carry food and water and my basic tools and armor, which means gathering is very difficult and painfully slow.

Server disconnects hourly now. And we pay for it. Would expect better service for something we pay for.

Takes 4 whole minutes to find the server we pay monthly for. Again, better server service is needed.

Combat used to be smooth, character movement used to be smooth, now it is clunky and not natural. I am finding it hard to even kill a hyena due to the changed, odd orientation of the view.

Many rocks are buggy…my pick axe goes right through and i harvest nothing.

Lots of bugs…did you guys even test anything other than the snazzy new combat moves? Will these issues be resolved before May 8?

I went from loving this game and being addicted to it to seriously disliking it. I am only going to hold on until May 8, and if the above issues are not resolved, i am finding a new game to play.


Agile development at its finest… Maybe the server/infrastructure team could at least get the server issues fixed, $60 game + $15 server/month. Game bughy, understand as it is beta/pre-release. Server issues so people can avoid trolls and griefers. Are you trying to kill the game pre-release?

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The game is still not even released, bugs and stuff take a while before they are worked out. Give it time friend and all will be amazing. I know bugs can be a real pest but from what I know Funcom is the type of company that will fully support this game and always put forth patches and hot fixes. Happy gaming.


Yeah, this has agile/scrum written all over it. Looks like the devs were pushed and rushed to roll this out, and likely were not allowed proper time to test.
Way to go funcom execs.

Cool new combat moves, but so many things that were great are either broken or made worse than before.

I hope Mitra is right, because i used to love this game. Its so disheartening, as it was my escape…and its not an escape anymore…an escape into all work and no fun.

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That’s why we buy a server, too…to avoid trolls and griefers. U play in a public server, u get griefed. I dont have time for that…i want to enjoy my free time, so i pay the $15 a month. But now the server i pay for keeps disconnecting, wont save to my favorites, and takes forever to find.

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Goody! I logged on and there is an 8.48 GB update installing…xbox one…yay! Hoping things are improved.

Clearly you don’t know Age of Conan’s history then.


That update improved many things:

I was able to move my bed back in my house as i no longer spawn in a foundation block if my bed is inside.

Encumberance fixed, i was able to move about the world fine.

In first person, i no longer see the inside of my armor (but my hands still flop around in front of me, which is annoying).

Building seems more back to normal, able to place things in multiples again.

Rocks are no longer buggy, but now some trees are…axe goes right through, no resources gathered.

Servers are LIGHTENING FAST now…WOW!. I am able to log on and play within seconds. Great!

Best of all, thralls stopped running up to me as i approach, so i was able to let my dancers out of their pen.

Thanks for the update and quick fix. It instills confidence that if the team rolls out something that breaks things, you are quick to remedy it.

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And you are correct. I am a new customer. I have no history with funcom, so i have no foundation of trust, no prior frame of reference. But we are off to a good start!

You are correct, by the way, that this patch was rushed. The release date of May 8th is hard set by marketing, and the devs needed a live stress test of a couple of weeks prior to launch, so they were at a “do or die” moment.

They’ve warned us that the next few patches are going to be rough, because stuff that would normally be going to Testlive will be going straight to Live instead. We are now functionally Testlive for Day one.


Opinion, not a bug.

Your opinion, and I heartily disagree. While it’s easier, it’s better than “whack whack whack whack whack dead” which was the old system. And I suspect it’s made that way for PVP options.

Not a bug. Working as intended. The resource gathering on tools was innately 3x for Early Access due to the frequency of server wipes. Now that launch is a little more than two weeks away, they’ve gotten rid of that.

Welcome to the new world. :stuck_out_tongue:

You just said that.

Working as intended. The fact that you COULD was the bug, not the other way around.

Again, opinion, not a bug.

Meh, technically “not a bug, working as intended” but you have a point. You feel like you HAVE to point all your points in certain things to get the cool perks.

Again, not a bug, opinion, and half of this you just said two bullet points ago. Stop repeating yourself to make the list longer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Going forward we’re focusing exclusively on bug fixing, performance, stability and optimization. While we did fix numerous issues with the Update 33 patch (+hotfix) we know there’s still work to be done and we’re dedicated to doing it. At no point did we say the game was now perfect or bug free.

We recommend wiping your server to get rid of old data and information from the database, as this could be causing some unforeseen issues to pop up.

Not quite. The Funcom marketing department didn’t set the release date for this game. It was a decision made by several people based on many different factors, from budget, our projected development time, and the state of the video game market. :slight_smile:

Update 33 was tested over several months, both by our external QA partner and by the devs playtesting the game, so it wasn’t really a “do or die” moment. Testlive will still be used to test coming patches. We’re not making live “functionally Testlive”.

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Are you saying its recommended to wipe post hotfix or just update 33?

Hmph. I’ll admit that was an assumption…but an educated one. I’ve beta tested for other companies before, and usually the development team gives marketing an approximate date, and marketing sets the hard date.

What I meant by “do or die” was on getting live server data with time to fix it any errors before the go date. If you had released any later, you wouldn’t have time to bugfix, and many would consider the wisdom of going live with it at all before May 8th. Bugs and all, I’m glad you did.

  1. How do console users wipe a rented server? We have xboxes. If we cant wipe our rented servers because we play on console, will it/ can it be done for us?

  2. What about the Official public servers? Will they be wiped on the May 8th release day as well as rented servers, if people are unable to wipe them, so that we are all running the same code, and have no conflicts with old, bad code? Because currently we are having problems with the 1406 Official server in addition to our rented server.