Another few bugs

Game mode: Online official/Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

  1. teleport showing two location at north

    in that time i havent unlocked obelisk at west

  2. unnamed maybe uniqe thrall

    he have to be uniqe cus i saw same guy at screenshot here, also with name

  3. flying supports at northern towers

  4. armorer in new asgard is locked as sheep

    problem is, there is invisible barier wich not let armorer go out, and no npc is able go in, also there wont work attacks trought fence, at least meele. i didnt try bows. as u can see npcs didnt care about me, and act like i were inaccesible

  5. its about tents

    as u can see from shadows half of tents legs flying, its sometimes hard to place tents on ground, cus they dont have enought contact with ground or are too deeb, also under 1 part of tent i cant walk, the one more far /its just 1/3 of tat and problem comes only from 1 way. also is sometimes hard to place npc under, cus lack of space, so if u can make support sticks higher, with longer part wich is able be under ground, it could be easily solved

  6. some weapons show heat resistence

    mostly problem with legendary ones, but not all. and even if it is suposed provide heat resistence, it shows zero

  7. t4 thrall cant repair items while t3 can
    its expectional serpent man spear,with armor breaker upgrade, t3 thrall, with who i crafted that spear, is able repair spear, but than i add at blackshmit Beri /t4/, but she isnt able repair expectional version trought reason in picture above

  8. being in 1st person, i start sometimes crouch without reason

    u can see knee down here, if i stayed i would see my boobs xD, weird part is i have normal speed, a was altered about that by friend why the hell i crouch, i didnt notice it cus there werent any speed loss. but u have same wiew as while crouch. this ends when i end 1st person wiew

  9. RNG aggro at obsidian forge

    hyborian guards in front of obsidian forge are aggresive only if iam attacked by that skake guy in middle, and they are in range. so if i shoot that snake guy he comes to me, ill kill him and noone of guards notice, and all ignore me, if iam come closer iam attacked sometimes by 2-3 of them, and that 1 guy stay here and pray

  10. no mesh at railrings, savage frontier

    idk if is that problem also with other railrings on stairs, i found just this one

  11. aqulonian gate didnt match with walls20181220212500_1 20181220211741_1
    there is some 3d, and colour problems

  12. its just cosmetic20181220211628_1
    but can u change texture map little bit to dissmis that line in middle, to those textures continue more naturaly

  13. at crafing line i sometimes cant chose craft all, or craft 10, its random problem, so i have to chose them one by one until it let me use craft all or craft ten

  14. about rain effects at structures, can you for now at least decrease frequency of raining, also i have feel at north rain more than in jungle. u live in norway so idk if its natural rain all time. if yes just forgot this. i know u try work on this, but its complicated to solve

  15. when aqulonian and khitan pillars and fences are destroyed, there isnt any sound, and instead there is little bit longer decay of structue, i can see it 10 sec after, but i can walk trought, cus lack of mesh
    idk about last two dlcs

i know its nothing critical, so it can wait, but still, at least its reported so u know about it


I can agree with nearly all of those. I have not seen the double teleporter lights yet, or have any DLCs, but the stairs railings are just cosmetic and not intended to keep you from falling off the side. For the tent placement, I use a mod: 1491981725 Less Building placement Restrictions - No NPC Camps… this really helps in positioning things. Many objects have irrational invisible barriers around them, preventing proper placements. This is an essential mod for my server. for the craft queue, if I can’t select the max stack, I just select 1 or 10, then the max stack button works after, so it eliminates the frustration for me. Hope those help for now.

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I know About that Last one, but frustrarion remains xD, Only think is why it is so random

I would like to use that placement mod, but cus i play mostly on official its problematic.

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