List of glitches I have encountered thus far

Game mode: [Online | PvE]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [North America]
-Thralls not regening health (makes thralls worthless at the moment)

-Cant apply warpaint

-Cant place weapons on weapon display

-The auto target prioritizes my own clan members over enemies (very frustrating and really takes away from combat experience)

-Cant see my own dead body sometimes but my clan members can

-Building issue where it won’t let me escape building with circle after placing smaller things such as candles and other table decorations. Acts like I am still holding the object after it has been placed

-dragging thralls is really really glitchy, we have lost multiples thralls from them just disappearing or falling through the floor

-elevator 4th dimension? If you jump into a elevator and you grab onto the side as if you were climbing in glitches you into another dimension

-sprint running forward with camera angle pointed behind you and you regan stamina and can continue running forever

-Cant repair certain items such as the shaman armor set, which was one of favorite sets so had to switch to something else

Saying all that I do like the game and enjoy it so far. But the issues that I have encountered so far have made me not want to play and I have already noticed myself wanting to play other games because I don’t want to deal with the glitches. I really wish developers would understand that pushing a game out the door too early is not a good move. Perfect it first then let us enjoy ur masterpiece. I understand some glitches at release but if I can get on a replicate any of these glitches over and over again and then being to this factor. I would assume you all ran into the same stuff playing the game urself and just ignored it and let us deal with them.

There’s a push to get parity (all platforms on the same page) updates through right now. After that the team will have time to look at other issues. Patience!

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