Bugs I've noticed since the 1.4 update. (Ps4)

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  1. Okay so theres an issue with frost giant thrall, as i built my base on top of a giant flat rock face, I tried to have him follow me to the ground below (in the highlands) and I turned around and it sank under the floor. It returned about a half hour later but i couldn’t have him follow me after he fell.

  2. Each time I kill an NPC the body disappears underneath the floor. I can still access the inventory but cannot harvest any religious items or regular flesh from them.

  3. I’m on a PvE server with my friends and our buildings keep disappearing. Ita not the entire thing, but I put a black hand tent down to reserve the space for future building ideas and when I went to build in that space, the tent was gone and someone else had placed an animal on down which means I can no longer utilize that space. Also, I build stairs leading to an elevator that is suspended against a rock but I made it accessible when I went to use it to carry a thrall up to my base, the stairs and foundations had disappeared and I know it wasnt any of my clan members as they wouldn’t lose an access point on purpose.

  4. When you go to put a food item like raw or cooked meat into a pet, the food completely disappears, the animal doesn’t even eat it. E.G I put three stacks of savoury flesh into an elephant and discovered that it wasnt there (not even purified) when I went to go get it.

  5. At slightly busier times on the server, there will be times when the lag is just unbelievable. Now I’m from the UK and I’m on US servers but the ping is only normally about 50 to 100 which is absolutely fine. But me and my American friends will get lag so bag that when we climb, itll boot us off a cliff or rock face and we’ll fall to our deaths. It took us a long while to climb the tower of bats, it was super frustrating.

  6. Not sure if it’s a bug but whenever I fight an encampment and get surrounded, if I jump or roll to get away, NPCs will teleport inside my character which makes it impossible for me to move and it ultimately results in my untimely demise…

This is all I can think of right now, hope this report helps!!


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