Some bug reports

Ahh! That would make me nervous. The very few times that a thrall has become “lost” in my game, I’ve been lucky that they have always returned to their last guard spot. Good luck!

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Follower menù and hit triangle button on the thrall you want to track! :smiley:

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Not considering that I have the same issue and my connection is the best I can have since I have one of the best provider in Italy and…I work for that provider :smiley:

Something weird happened? You don’t say…

These are about 10 minutes apart at the same location.

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This happened to me on PS4. When I kill someone, the sound of death or blood comes late for 2-3 seconds.

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Do you have any information on when these issues are going to be fixed? Communication is a two way street.


We are reporting bugs with lag, no sound, invisible players, invisible weapons, invisible npcs… Obviously not a “troubleshooting hardware, connection” issue.

It’s been nearly a week since you’ve posted on these matters.

–When can we expect the patch to be realeased?


So… I’ve been back and forth in this forum for 3 days now and from what I’ve seen they are only focused on PC right now. The only answer we received was a bunch of copy and paste of “can you send screenshots?”, “We are investigating”, “have you tested your connection?”. I’ve bought the game a few weeks ago and I was just waiting for this update to play, so I hope you can understand my frustration. Anyways, I’ll wait one more day before uninstalling, hopefully someone from Funcom remember they said something about improving the communication and at least says “hey, we are aware of the problem”…


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