PS4 Hotfix (11.06.2019) - General and exploit fixes plus stats reset

Hey everybody!

We’re releasing a hotfix with a couple of bugfixes tackling music and some fishy buffs. It also contains a fix to an exploit that would allow allocating more Attributes than intended. For this reason, all characters’ Attributes will be reset once the patch hits live.

Thanks again for your feedback and for helping us improve the game.


  • Fixed an exploit regarding Attribute allocation


  • Fixed a highly reported crash
  • Additional performance changes that should improve how assets load in on PS4 Pro consoles


  • Background music in the game should now be playing correctly again
  • The new fish recipes from the Dagon Dungeon now work correctly and will not needlessly reduce your health

Currently Known Issues

  • After the Attribute allocation fix is live you need to tab over to both the Attribute and Feats menus, otherwise your Attributes will reset every time your character dies


Trello Report Board

We have a public bug tracking board here! You can check this to track the issues that get brought up by the community the most. In the “For prioritization” column you can vote for the issues you would like us to prioritize and we will make sure it gets moved into development asap. You can read the full details on how it works on the forum post here.


what the armour female wearing in the picture? look cool


Hey how long will it be down for?.

more info please, no speak english

We need the god fix first please
Servers are dying out becuse if this


When are the gods gonna be back in the servers?

There’s an issue as well with climbing. The characters tend to let go of the wall when climbing on locations they shouldn’t. Maybe you guys can look into that?

This issue is taking far too long to fix. Have they even commented on it since they disabled them?

What about the xbox one,i been waiting a month for the music fix so i can play again.Joke!

Thnxz guys no music was killing me , love the soundtrack

have they commented on why gods were disabled? from my understanding, they didn’t even announce that you can no longer craft true name tokens… it just stopped out of nowhere. I had plans to craft two god coins for a raid but one could only craft bubble and for the other the entire altar just disappeared upon upgrade… with 1500 zeal and an archpriest on it. official server 3879.

still love the game but damn that killed me

Does my character have a voice yet? Ever since I created my character with the savage female voice, I have never heard a single sound from her. Unless it is the generic chicken emote sound that sounds the same for all voices, Male and female.

Is this the perfomance patch fun con kept promising since launch that would fix the invisible enemies, lag when looking into chest full of armor/weapons, etc?

Lol, all bases can be raided with explosive arrows and the materials you got in the game. Imo, gods shouldn’t even be a thing. Without gods the game feels way better and only the skill allow you to destroy another clan.


Is anyone else at all having the issues with connecting to co-op play? I’m constantly getting errors and failures to connect to mine and my friends long-standing co-op game, and it’s basically ruined the game now since we can’t play it anymore. I had thought this patch was meant to fix that but it seems not since a) it’s still not working post-patch and b) it’s not mentioned in the patch notes at all…

Looks like Turanian raider trousers and Zamorian Thief Garment

Looks like the zamorian thief top with the hykruin bottoms and idk the shoes. (Excuse my crappy spelling tho lol)

I’m liking the patch for the most part - The return of background music is great, and as an added bonus this ALSO seems to have had the added effect of eliminating all of the lag on a few sound effects on my PS4 Pro. Notably, gongs and horns now sound off immediately, though drawing my weapon still has a big sound delay. I’d hazard a guess that there’s a caching issue there that has been helped by the return of music.

On the downside, has there been some monkeying around with feat placement?

I’ve noticed that Acheronion Spears have moved from Haftmaker to Shaftmaker (all the other spears are still under Haftmaker), where it is sitting oddly with the daggers and throwing axes. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there before?

From my experience it has. It was the only flawless one that required the spear handle and not the long handle.

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