Invisible thralls and delayed sound (PS4 PRO)

I know it hasn’t been long since the last update, but any progress on this?

I run a private server and enjoy doing that for the community but with how it is on the pro it’s frustrating and making me rethink this a bit…


So I’ve been following this since PS plus gave the game out as while I have a standard PS4 model my girlfriend has the pro, which is infuriating to say the least - all combat in the game nigh impossible due to them not rendering in. I also just purchased an SSD and have installed that, and while enemies are rendering in a little quicker, the game is still almost impossible to play as they stay entirely still while simultaneously killing you.

I’m considering buying a DLC packet because I’m enjoying the game but at this stage it relies on this being fixed. I’m also aware this has been an issue since May last year, so while I’ll continue following and hoping it gets fixed, I won’t hold my breath.

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Thanks for the input. I was thinking of getting an SSD next week. Sounds like it isn’t the cure-all for the PS4Pro issues.


PS4 Pro - playing offline solo only at the moment (because of lag) lag is stupendous and most times almost unplayable. I did have the game installed on external storage but moved it to internal at some point so am about to move it back to eternal USB drive - will post back if it fixes or helps with any of the following
1 - takes forever to render surfaces I have a pet Tiger and its skin (for example) takes about 30 seconds to fully load before I can see its stipes but its the same for any interactable surface rocks etc.
2. When mining I clear the rock and 20 seconds later it breaks apart
3, Sound lag - this is by far the most annoying, I fight, no battle sounds, 30 seconds to a minute after the fight finishes I get the sounds of the battle
4. As mentioned in this thread invisible NPC’s I see their weapons first but if I wait before I go into an area for about a minute I see the NPC’s, they slowly get to their feet and walk over to me (no sound) then stand there doing nothing then about 10 seconds later they draw their weapons, then more invisible mobs appear, then they start fighting - I kill them, they disappear, then ten seconds later the body appears
No apparent problems with building other than some of the obvious cant place here as it will block your spawn point
Seems to be worse since the past big patch? I don’t remember any real issues before that patch but had only been playing a short while before then

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Amazing difference - im only on a 4TB standard USB3 external drive now - sounds is almost instantaneous, I cant really notice any layering or delay on rendering at the moment but I went to the Pirate ship which had been completely unplayable and was able to clear it out with sound delays of only about a second or two and mobs that actually attacked and agro as I would expect. This fix works BUT it isn’t a complete fix, it is just far better and makes the game playable again - thanks but please do fix the underlying issue

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Any update?

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Our team is wrapping up a patch with several performance fixes for the PS4Pro, along with some crash fixes in general. We aim to release it as soon as possible.


any details on what these changes will address. seems like this is the umphteenth time i have seen this post in the past year.

PS4 pro with SSD and external drive does not fix these issues. playing local or on a official server makes no difference.

sound animation lag/delay has been the same for almost a year. no change.

getting attacked by invisible mobs is still an issue. no change.

i took a CE break over the past few months (maybe 5), and played Ark. Ark has bad days with serious lag but the animation and combat are not out of sync like CE, ever. Ark has mounts (flying, water, and land) which dont have the lag that mountless CE has on everything PS4.

i have also noted that when PS4 version went free our official server filled up again, but now it’s almost dead in only a month. what will it take for funcom to fix or sunset this broken PS4 port?

It will be aimed to address the issues mentioned in the title of this post, plus a few crash fixes of the most reported ones through the PS dashboard.

I have the same issue , its imposible to play. I really like this game , i have a clan and we play every night with friends , i want to bring more new players . I want to buy the dlc, but first u have to fix this problem. Thanks.

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hello, I have a big problem with conan at ps4 pro, in the game I have invincible npc and rendering its soo slow. the biggest problem ist in New asgard and on ship. This is not only my problem, my friends with ps pro have too same but at normal ps4 all its OK. I don’t understand this. can someone tell me what can I do? now game its unplayable.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I got also the ps pro and have changed the settings to 1080 p, the grafic is just a bit worse, but the lag also.
Second possible thing would be to install a ssd drive in your ps, but for me personal is it not worth it.
PS: I play the game since day one, and it was way worse ^^

How has this still not been fixed? When is the patch coming? Stuff doesn’t render properly, invisible NPCs, sound delayed (my record is over a minute) come on.

I love this game so far except for the fact that there isn’t a time that goes by that a structure doesn’t have to render in. Sometimes it doesn’t render in for 5 minutes. PvP is dreadful because I could be in the middle of a fight with a floating name tag. Every time I come back to my base I have to follow someone in and even then I think that I am in the base and someone asks me why I’m climbing the gate and I tell them “I’m not”, only to have the game render in and then I’m all of the sudden back outside climbing a gate. Three of us have the same issue in our clan and we all have a PS4 Pro. It’s really ruining my experience. I do all of this grinding only to have to be the guy in the raid sitting on the outskirts of the right because I can’t see what’s going on. It’s frustrating and I hope you guys can fix it.

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Any update?

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We cannot share any definite estimates, but we aim for it to be released either today or tomorrow.

NPCs are still invisible. Patch didn’t fix that.

I was hopeful the patch was going to fix it but I’m still having the same issues as mentioned before.

Yeah nothing changed with patch

Some things got worse with the patch.

  • First arrow fired freeze is upwards of 8 seconds now
  • the torch freeze changes duration and can be as long as 5-6 seconds
  • can’t use thralls in artisan stations now
  • game takes significantly longer to load after menu selections
  • some corpses never appear but can be looted/harvested
  • battle sounds/music can occur well after the battle, and in some cases happen simultaneously (getting three battle music tracks playing over each other is very weird sounding.)