Freezing/Stuttering on online servers PS4

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [Australia]

I Can’t go into any server with stuttering and freezing every 1 second it’s like render lag but constant I can host a co-op server with no issues but any online server freezes constantly any ideas to help ?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Unfortunately, since the game is free on PS4 this month, there has been a mass influx of people. Noob river is a nightmare for lag on our server.

Fortunately, it appears things are slowing down, and the people who don’t want to continue are dropping off. The problem should correct itself in a week or so.

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Are you a funcom envoy? You talk such nonsense.
There are more and more people, everyone wants to try, new clans arise and it’s harder and harder to get on the server.

@damian_x_pl, no he is a forum member giving what he is experiencing trying to help answer the question. Let the OP, @KingRagnar, deduce from multiple responses if that is a reason for the stuttering.

@speedice, thanks for inputting for the post :slight_smile:

@KingRagnar, it could be a multiple of things. Check your ping first, that causes issues. But the new influx of players, or a lot of buildings be built or destroyed, it really taxes the servers. I also think that over time, there will be a drop off due to either curiosity being done or pvp wise, people not liking having their bases destroyed, and moving to pve/pve-c.

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That is not the OP’s question. I understand there is issues with decay vs fullservers. But the OP is looking for stuttering issue answers. Please move the compliants to appropriate thread or your own new topic, and not hi-jack this one.

Ah well I guess I’ll just give in to their master plan and rent a server

Nobody really cares that your dropping the game. They got their money and that’s the end of it. Goodluck!

Hey @KingRagnar

Welcome to our community.
Are you running the game on a PS4Pro?

that things are clear, for the umpteenth time the problems are the same be it ps4 classic or ps4 pro

MAN do you know why the 3159 is no working ?

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