PS4 Pro - Stuttering / Freezing

Game mode: Online and Singleplayer
Problem: Performance
Region: Europe

Hello, I’ve been trying to get into this game for a few months now, but the stuttering and freezing that occurs every few minutes is so bad I can’t bring myself to put any meaningful time into it. Also worth mentioning is that no other games on my PS4 Pro suffer from the same issues. And the console is running cool and quiet.

Found a Youtube video which illustrates the problem quite well, except the performance is even worse for me. Search for “Reduce Lag and Shutter PS4 PRO”, posted 2019.

Steps I’ve tried to fix the issue:

  1. Creating a new character on new save.
  2. Reinstalling.
  3. Rebuilding the PS4 database.
  4. Clearing the cache.
  5. Setting output settings to 1080p.

Is something in the works to adress this or is there a possibility for a refund?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Run across an area
  2. Engage in combat
  3. Approach buildings, small or big

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