PS4 Pro Freezing for several seconds (10 or more) after 1.39 update

Game mode: [Online] Private G-Portal rented Server for 20 users…playing 3.
Problem: [Performance] [PS4 Pro]
Region: [EU]

3 players ussually. 2 with a PS4 (first model) and me with a PS4 pro. Only I suffer the problem. Recently I replace the internal disk of PS4 pro with a SSD, and the textures loading improve and responsiveness also is better…but next problem still is present:

The screen freezes for 10 or more seconds …but the movement continues on the server…the other players tell me that they can saw me running forward…until something stops me.

After the freeze time…the game continues. Once the problem appears first time (10-20 minutes from start playing) it becomes more a more frequent.

On PC forum there is an advise about a similar problem:
These issues seem to be related to a function in Unreal Engine 4 called garbage collection. Disabling it seems to be a temporary workaround that works for many players.

It’s possible to apply a similar workarround in the PS4 world?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play normally on game for 10-20 minutes.
  2. The problem arise…more frequent on complex scenary…main base or figths with several NPC.
  3. The screen freezes…the ambient sound still plays normally…but the movement on the server continues.
  4. 10 seconds or more after…if you were moving…any stone or wall or something has stopped you character from continue moving…or any NPC had killed you…or you fall from a cliff…depending on how lucky your are.

I really love the game…I’m renting the server…and please…continue fixing and improving the game.
I like it very much and I continue playing…even with this big problem.

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