G-portal server issues

Something needs to be done about these server’s for PlayStation consoles, it is way beyond a joke, only being able to login on morning’s after server resets, and sometimes not even then, has been going on for month’s and month’s, PlayStation forum’s are full of this problem, and now we feel we are just being ignored, infact consoles seem to be seriously neglected, are we to assume that consoles do not matter, and that’s the end for them, especially as I believe the last update was back in may, it’s now December, the lack of communication is appalling, if nothing is done very soon it will spell the end for CE on PlayStation, so please do something, and communicate, or loose a massive player base


My wife is playing on a pve ps4 server about 2 weeks hasn’t had any problems I can get the number if you want. @Chansmier

@sestus2009 cheers bud, we on pve-c, and have so much built up, but that’s not the point of my rant, my point is, nothing seems to be being done, and serious lack of communication, us console user’s are very much ignored, and let down, may end up giving up on this game as clearly the developers have with consoles

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I understand. Parity patch should help us out. It’s better to let test live find the bugs before we get it though. We don’t need any more problems. Good luck and you can always come back when it’s fixed will probably feel like a new game.

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Cheers, but if I do finally give up, I probably won’t come back because of how the console community has been treated, I mean seriously, all well and good releasing new content on pc, but they haven’t even addressed the ongoing bug’s and problems, and they are not small, and as we can see, from PC player’s, the new content and updates have been a bit of a let down, all I wanted was them to sort the problems out with consoles, we can wait for the new stuff, I mean PS4 hasn’t had an update since may, and the ps operating software has had several, so my guess is that’s where the problem lays, console version of Conan is out of date and no longer run’s properly

And what is the betting this thread gets brushed over and ignored?

I apologize, there was an update in September, but it hasn’t solved anything

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I think September update was more about Sony taking over as Big brother. Witch probably needed done. I have been solicited for pornographic material multiple times on playstation network. As a adult I can make decisions but there’s alot of 8 to 10 years olds out even playing Conan-Exiles. They shouldn’t be subject to that.

Past 6 days? or 7 Havnt been able to log onto my rented server, Nor have my brother or friend.

G-Portal says its up, I’ve restarted it a few times, and turned it off and on a few times over week… nothing. =/

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@Ignatius any ideas on @Chansmier server issues I understand that it’s the Holiday season but that is what makes it rough on people sitting at home wanting to play.

@Sera67 Have they provided any explanation why the service you are paying for is unavailable. If I were you, I would send G-portal tickets daily until the issue is resolved. If they can’t resolve it themselves, they, as an exclusive provider for consoles, should contact Funcom via their channels to find a solution. Wtf is this … I feel sorry that you guys have to deal with such a bad server provider (I am sorry but there is no other way to describe them if they are selling servers which are not accessible for more than a week).

At least, we have options on PC and access to our servers to see what is happening and who is to blame.

@Chansmier I assume your issue is with an official server?

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@Sera67 about 2 weeks ago my pve-c server went down when I finally got it up it’s in pve shut it down repair all this bs got it back to pve-c been working ok since. Have no clue what happened messages from people a few hours before my wife woke me up from people saying it was down. PM if you like and I will see if I can get on.

Ps. Since this has happened can no longer see who is on server with out going into admin.

@sestus2009 that may be the vocal visibility setting. Set it to 0.

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Thank you I will give it a try.

@Narelle yes official server, but it’s not just happening to the one I play, it’s happening to quite a few, the only answer we have had is they have been monitoring it and accumulated data, but that was a couple of weeks back now

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