Official server 3053 PS4 - Infinite loading screen

Game mode: Online / PVE-C 3053
Problem: Infinite server loading screen
Region: EU

Hi, I tried multiple times to connect to this server tonight and was unable. All I get is an infinite loading screen.

I was able to connect earlier in the day fine (and was able to play for a couple of hours) but after logging off (approx 19:30 hrs) and attempting to rejoin later I was not able to. (I attempted to rejoin around 21:00 hrs onwards unsuccessfully)

I use a standard PS4, and connect via Wif-fi
(when I attempt to use a cable connection the game seems to get ‘laggier’ , which is odd, because technically its faster, but that’s a whole different issue!)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start game, and try to skip the game’s intro sequence before it starts.
  2. Go deaf for a moment as you forget about the loudness of the intro music.
  3. Attempt to select your favourited server before the game insists on listing every server, ever.
  4. Watch the loading bar crawl to the end and stop, indefinitely.
  5. Give up and watch Netflix instead.

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