Server 3052 no longer live

So this morning tried to logon to server 3052, was waiting for the server to pop back up after it’s reboot, finally it came back up at 04:25 am GMT, selected it and tried to logon only to get infinite loading screen, happened last two mornings in a row, seems the window to get on this server is now closed and can no longer get on it, this is completely ridiculous @Community , how much longer do we have to put up with it?

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Hopefully not much longer buddy :pensive:

Hopefully mate, but seriously I’m not that bothered about new content, although it would be nice, I’d rather have the game fixed so it’s actually playable lol

I managed to access this morning, Im really starting to think its only possible for one player to access in this short window and thats it for the rest of the day. First one might get in and no more. If this is the case, while we wait for the update, maybe we have to agree on turns when trying to access? :blush: since I got in today, I wont be trying tomorrow.

@Immortalowl that’s funny, it’s what we was thinking, ok we will try tomorrow, as we couldn’t get on today

Actually saying alot about the state of the server’s and game, I really cannot believe they have left it to get to this state

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I has no luck to logon for month… I think everything is lost now. I started on other servers but there are the same problems. I really hope the update will solve this…
But that’s hard to waiting for more than an half year for fixing an issue that makes the game not playable. it’s not a grafical issue or something like that. We can not login and play. So when they fix this what’s happened with the next problems that maybe come with this update. Waiting again a year for fixing this?
I wish I could change my ps version with all my dlc into a steam version. it seems to be a nice game on pc. The game including the dlcs cost me more than 100€.
The update is the last chance. If the game still not work I will try to get my money back from amazon and Sony.
There is no reaction from funcom to my question for this problem, so I have a bad feeling… Maybe its not a part of this update.

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mate, let’s hope they soon realize that they must answer the players, that they must be more transparent and closer to us.

I can only send you my full support and hope they don’t find out too late.

Just last year untill late october the server 3052 was full of people daily and new players starting every single day, now after 6 months of infinite loading screen only a handful of players remaining and I havent seen a single new player in months and months :pensive:

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Cool I will try the following day , check my base if you can. Hopefully it’s refreshed :relieved:

So ill log in on Saturday morning dude if you don’t mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sure :blush:

i logged in on monday to refresh. i will try it again next monday. good luck to you all!

Us at draconis have rescued and saved what we can, so if everything gets fixed and we can all play again, we will help if we can, just message us and we will see what we can do

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Seeing positive comments about the update for Xbox, the wait is almost over .

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Ok there maybe hope lol


Just playstation now !

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