Server 3052 access! Im in! Cant believe it 😊

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First time since october Im able to connect at evening without the infinite loading screen!!! Rejoice! :blush::blush::blush:
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Yes and the same time others can not get on there ps4 server
I think gportal is doing mantinace. GLAD to see you get on

Im sorry, didnt mean to offend, I was just really happy and suprised, logging in at evening has been impossible for such a long time

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No problem. Didn’t see anything offensive.

I tried logging in this morning 4:20 am, 20 minutes after server reset, to no avail, infinite loading screen, I’m so trying to be patient, but if this update doesn’t happen by the end of the month, I’m quitting and so will all of draconis, and the game will get deleted never to be reinstalled

Yeah, my only time success was probably because of server restart they did for some unknown reason, but thats the only time been able to log in other than the brief window in the mornings. Nobody tells whats wrong the server, nobody tells whats being done if any, no info if the update will fix anything or not. This silence is the thing that upsets the most. Theres not much patience left here too.

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