PS4 Update 2.3 (19.04.2021) - Major Update! Balancing, Fixes, Stability, Performance, and more!

You are absolutely right, now everything is the player’s ability, potions, bandages, and other objects are necessary for the proper functioning of the fight.
I am not the most skilled player fighting and much less in pvp, I think the developers have finally thought of healthy players who fight hand in hand.

finally the rats will come out of their hiding places and they will have to fight as they should with honor.

Thanks Funcom for this update, now colleagues if we can report real bugs so that they can correct them it would be an advance, if what we are going to complain about is that now we do not know how to fight, well the update was for everyone.

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Thank you for keep updating the game and work to fix and improve it.
I just want to say that the random loss of stability keep happening on offline gaming (at least on before patch saves)
Kind regards

Building Stability loss Offline after 2.3 patch


Pour ma part, je tenais à remercier vivement Funcom de leur travail. Cette mise a jour redonne un élan à ce jeu que j affectionne particulièrement. Continuez à le faire vivre, à l améliorer et vive Conan Exiles.

Funcom! Ever since i downloaded update 2.3. Myself and others who play on official PVE-C server 3829. We cant load in, the loading bar freezes just before it finishes and doesnt let you into the server. PLEASE FIX! Its a very big problem, if not fixed in time a lot of players bases will decay and will loose everything.

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Witam serdecznie mnie nie interesuje jakie ulepszenia zrobiliście mnie interesuje tylko to że by ( OFICIALNE SERWERY PVE-C na EU działały poprawnie !!! )

Hi check my post… if you haven’t already:

They are aware, and hopefully should resolve the issue soon.

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  • Fixed an issue that would cause the “Logged out characters remain in world” server setting not to work correctly.

What does this mean, and how is it implemented for official servers? It’s not very descriptive.

Just curious since most new players don’t have potions for healing at the start of the game, how is the new player combat using just food? I’d think it would be almost impossible to fight a group now.

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How much Grit do you run? I run 3 grit and can get full combo plus a roll in heavy. The new system makes people who want to do full combos use grit instead of old everyone meta stat build then do what they want. I feel this direction now has opened styles that need different stat builds. Choice is not bad.

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Use basic wraps. If you are not level 60. IF you are a basic potion is cheap and easy to make and works fine. The second tier potion does about half a bar on level 60 character and is not too expensive.

Don’t you need a crafting station for bandages and the perk? I haven’t messed with the new content but most new players won’t realize they need to build stations to heal since early game directs you towards food and water. I’m not sure how hard it is to make bandages, but it could be problematic for new players especially if it’s tied to a perk you need to craft them which you may or may not have access to. They should add a journey step for it, and make it tied to the whole healing is tied with bandages and potions - and not food.

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Rough wraps are hand-crafted.


Ridiculous reworking of stamina. Probably deleting this game now and ending my server if there is no way to set it back to the way it was!! Nine swings and no stamina…what do we have the ability to change the settings for if you are just going to dictate how we have to play?? You want to change it on official servers…fine! But leave us alone who have private servers who don’t need your micromanaging!!


Anyone else dropping dead randomly from apparently “falling through the world”? Spider cave with the crystals is to risky to farm because of it. It also happened twice in my base out of no where. Definitly going to have to run around the whole map naked trying to find these spots so we can avoid them. Good luck out there :+1:


Dropping dead from falling through the world is the new anti-undermeshing detection throwing false positives. Whenever that happens, it’s a good idea to note the exact coordinates and submit a bug report in the PS4 Updates and Bugs forum, so they can fix that.


Yeah I figured as much. I’ll make note and try to mention it when I find them. Thanks


@Godstar This probably refers to the issue which was causing the bodies to be removed on server restart instead of staying in game for 7 days.

I guess that is what I was wondering, are official servers back to 1 week now? Not sure what they are currently.

They should be, the default setting for this is:

Doesn’t Funcom do a YouTube live tomorrow?