Server #3042 keeps loading

Game mode: Online server pve-c #3042
Problem: stays on loading screen.
Region: EU

Im playing on 2 servers and only this Server keeps loading. Cant get in for several days now… in 48 hours my buildings wil decay :sob::sob:.
When wil it be ok.
No one can get in.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Please
  2. Fix
  3. It
  4. My lifework will be gone in 48 hours
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Hi there, this appears to be common problem, I myself am experiencing what sounds like a very similar issue on a server I play on (I use the term ‘play’ loosely)

Have you tried logging on at a different time you normally do?

Try early morning (anytime after server restart) see if you can get on then, or before midday.

Unfortunately there appears to be no solution to this from Gportal or Funcom, at least not yet.


The game is unplayable why don’t you do something about the servers that don’t let you log in?

I have the same Problem. I’m playing also on #3042. In the morning i can connect to the server but in the afternoon it’s not possible to connect… restart doesnt work …

American PVE-C Server seems to work for me…

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You need to report this through Zendesk you can find address in Introductory page.

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