Cannot log into PVE Conflict server #3522

Since January 2021, I cannot log into PvE Conflict Server #3522. It would load the yellow bar fully but would not open to continue the journey. I checked my internet, modem and everything but the game never load properly. I’m not sure if it’s only affecting this server.

List of actions:

First I open the Conan Exiles on PS4

Waited on the opening intro

Click to open choose combat mode

Picked PvE - Conflict

Sent me to screen with lists of servers

I picked Official server #3522

The next screen is a loading screen with tge load bar turning completely yellow from black


Is it just that server. Can you log in to any other server. :question:

There is problem with logins to funcom again. atleast for me, i cant login to them and i get error of login failed, so i guess its for everyone not only ps4 but to pc too… does not work after file check too…

I received a “Failed Login, please restart” message. Restarting Steam fixed it for me. Perhaps restarting your PS4 to reload connection software?

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Not on ps4 :smiley: i am on pc , but ye steam reset fixed ip conflict…

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