Pve server 4061 cant login

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [cant login]
Region: [Asia]

After update 1.28 pve server 4061 cant login until now

Hey rfox,

Were you able to log in after the time of your post? Server looks up and running normally.


Server still unable to join

It is normal playing before game update .

Now update the latest version 1.28 , but i saw that server version invalid and cant login show server is full

Please check many thanks

Hi again rfox,

The server seems to be up and running from here. We can see that there is also a few players logged in at the moment, so it might seem to be working in good condition. Could you try, as a general troubleshooting, to restart your modem or router, and also test your PSN connection settings in the PS dashboard? (under Settings, Network, Test Connection)


I dont know what’s the problem

My all of friends (4) also in the same condition , so i think it is not psn or router problem .

As i see , before 4xxx server i can search and show version is fine . After 4xxx all server invalid .

Are you sure all server after 4000 are complete update to 1.28?

In addition , i filter pve and asia server , it just show offical server 3325 and 3327 . I try to login both server . They are normal to play and create character.

Hi again rfox,

It might seem that your client is showing a different version than the latest one we rolled out on PS4. The server is running on the latest revision of the game. Could you check if you have the latest version of the game installed by going to the dashboard, selecting Conan Exiles, pressing the Options button and selecting Check for Updates?
If by doing that it tells you that there is no additional updates for you and the server is still not working for you, I would suggest as a last resort to fresh re-install the game.


I do that already (reinstall) but still same problem

How to explain why i can join 3325 and 3327 , all after 4000 cant ?

Hi rfox,

We have found what seems to be the issue in this case. Our Japanese distributor has decided to roll out the patch on servers next Monday. Until then, it will not be possible to connect to them due to the version disparity. We apologize for any inconveniences.


Next Monday?Version disparity?
You means server still running?If yes how about my construction. Will disappear?

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