Cannot log onto Official Server PS4 #3733

Game mode: Online
Problem: Cannot log on
Region: Pacific (?)

Playing on PS4, Official Server #3733 (on which my brother also plays)
So for over a week now, every time I try to log on, the game will load far enough for me to see my character and then I am booted off saying that server connection was lost. I also get a Warning message stating to the effect that my settings will be overwritten and set to default settings.
The first couple of times this happened (over a month ago), I went into my PS4 settings and deleted ALL data both on the PS4 and online uploaded data. I then re-started Conan Exiles and could play with no problems.
Now however, it will NOT load into the game at all. No matter how many times I delete ALL data everywhere.
I have deleted data (on PS4 & online uploads - NUMEROUS times), the game entirely (twice), AND re-formatted/initialized my PS4…re-downloaded the ENTIRE game TWICE(!!!) and all for naught. I STILL cannot play. At all. I keep getting the same d*mn message about my settings (even when they are newly generated upon initially loading into game).
I can find no fix anywhere. I have spent hard earned money on a game (that I really, really like playing) and now cannot play. I am so thoroughly disgusted with this that I do not even have words to convey…
Can ANYONE…anyone offer any help???
Additionally, I have made sure that my internet speeds are where they need to be for the game (FAST), so that’s not the problem.
Also please note that my brother, who plays on the same server, has NONE of the problems that I am experiencing.

Is it just that server that you’re having trouble connecting with or can you connect to a different server and create a character there?

It’s all online servers, though the one I play on is #3733. :frowning_face:
I think…you know…I will double check that when I get home.

There seems to be a series of events that can create log in issues.
What happens is
for some reason, you died after logging out.
When you log back in, the system gets confused with where you were, and where you should be respawning.

This has happened to me, a few nights ago most recently.
I ran back to camp with a thrall, my stairs to my base weren’t loading in, so i logged out.
When i logged back in the yellow bar on the loading screen went to 99.9% and then sat there for over 10 minutes.
when it finally did load, i appeared briefly over my corpse (died due to dehydration, because the Server didnt remove my character when i logged out.) then loaded at my bedroll.
the game did not completely load though, no UI, no assets loaded, just the world. Also I couldnt move, and there was no sound.
I got quite frustrated, and quit the game, restarted, connected to my Server, and again 99.9% yellow bar, 10+ minute wait then loaded over my corpse at my bedroll as I had died from dehydration again.
Weird thing was this time,The UI didnt load, could not access the menu, but I could move, no NPCs or other elements loaded in but I had free reign of the map, with no stamina wear down and no fall damage.

i decided to log off for the night, and after the server restart the next day I logged in, and everything was copacetic.

I wish that’d work for me. I haven’t been able to log on at all for over a week now. And have run out of options at this point. I am going to try downloading my brother’s save data and uploading it to my PS4 to see if that works since he never has this issue. :woman_shrugging:

@Luna_Silverleaf have you tried starting a single player game, then quitting to the main menu, and then logging into your server?
I cant remember where I read it, but I do recall people using that trick to get around some log in issues.

@Rollotomozi Yes, I have tried starting the single player game and then online. Hasn’t worked for me. :cry:

Hello @Luna_Silverleaf, thank you for reaching out!

Could you please share some additional information in order for us to further assist you with this issue?

  • PS4 Model
  • Game installed to internal/external HDD or SSD
  • Console connected through Wired or Wireless connection and its speed
  • Is it stable playing other demanding games?
  • Does it exhibit any signs of overheating?

Also, have you tried to rebuild the PS4 database?

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