PS4 System Update 8.50 PVE-C Working

Hello, we get Today a Update for PS4 System 8.50

and Now: us Official PVE-C 3053 is Working.

And The Time is in Germany 14:55 and Working :joy::muscle:. Know we think bevor the Last PS4 Update 3 Months, the Game wast broken and unplayable.
Now we get update and now Working? Ithink the update from Sony has broken usGame in Official PVE-C Servers.


Wow, have to test this later today, optimistic news :blush:

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Thanks for the news.

Unfortunately it didnt help on 3052, was 3053 restarted?

I think there was an accidental server restart. 3053 works, but 3052 still endless loading screen. I really hope the next update will help. 3052 is not playable since Christmas… :frowning:

My wife has both ps4s loading up now. Community page is gone.

Sorry Guys Server is now broken again. Sorry for my optimism. :pray::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Yes it was about 1.30 pm

Im in 3828 and we’ve been getting the stuck loading since around Christmas also… I’ve sent countless emails to everyone imaginable and also on here and nothing is done to fix it… hundreds of hours down the drain…I’m beyond frustrated and about to buy Ark because they seem not to care about us console players. I’m tired of sending emails and getting the same response with no actions taken.


Monday we should get the parity patch hang on I played on 3 different servers yesterday with no problem let us hope Monday fixes everything


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