Server 3053 pve conflict cant load and some bugs ghost slots etc

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Infinite loading/dissapearing items/ ghost slots]
Region: [UE]

[So… game server official pve conflict 3053.

Issue 1 : Me and my friend started on this server about two or three weeks ago. Conection problems started from the beggining. You try to log in wait for the bar to load and it freezes at the end fully loaded.
Today ive got a ghost slot taking down a sickle from the wheel, so i take my character into my base and logged out. I have been trying to log in for over an hour and still the loaing screen freezes at bar fully loaded. My character is in game and it dies from hunger etc (my friend seen it). Ghost slots are anoying but this just gets me mad… Its hapenning wo evenings in a row. I can join single player, the game even sometimes lets me in on other servers like pvp pve etc. Please fix it i want to play :confused:
Issue 2 : Now the second part ghost slots. A frined drops on the ground a full set of armor so 5 items, he is seeing 5 items in the loot bag on the ground. I only see one or two items. When i pick up all in one click i only have the items ive seen in my inventory, but i also have empty slots with no icon but there is someting there. I cant put other item in the slot etc. When fo exaple reasources make a ghost slot lets say is stone… You try to mine next stone and the game shows you got now +12 stone but dosent show how much you have total… you get overencubered but no icons and yu cant ut it in a container or drop it nothing… no icon in the inventory…
Issue 3: Problems placing objects.
I build a structure, make foundations. There is room for it, its not near to a game object like stone npc spawn camp or anything… and the game says failed to place. Or dosent say anything just plays the sound of placing and nothing happens. I tried to place an elevator and have to do a relog for the game to let me place it :confused:
Sorry for my english and for the long post.
Please try to do something especially with logging in.

Ps I have a ps4 slim, my internet is fine, im on a cable, other games work fine.
Getiing in single player and playing a little dosent help.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. One player drops 2 items on the ground and you can see only one
  2. Pick up everything from the loot bag
  3. you got a ghost slot with no icon but you cant place anything else in this slot
  4. try to relog and wait forever

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