Conan Exilles server #3052 PS4

Hello everyone,

As you may understand everything we worked on this year was delayed and took longer then expected because of the pandemic, we are all working from home in the best way possible. However, issues like experienced in this server are harder to test and work on when every team member is isolated and with limited resources.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience but, once again we’ll ask you to be patient and let’s hope that next year the pandemic ends and allows us to work more efficiently from the office.

One more time, we apologize for the long wait and thank all of you for your patience.

Game mode: [Online | pvpc]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc] ridiculous
Region: [uk]

Server 3052 is not loading’ Again!
The investment in time and money, us the gamer puts in to this game, on this server is being destroyed by your simple inability to fix this problem. Your destroying the relationship and enjoyment we have with Conan. Of which we clearly all love. That love won’t last much longer for me and it certainly won’t extend to Siptah. Why would I buy another game I can’t play!

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I am feeling the same :+1:


Game mode: [Online | online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc] please some feed back
Region: [uk]

I’ve Just been kicked of the server with the error message ’ lost server connection’ My Internet is fine yet now I can’t get back on the server!
I have a purge today as well as loosing hrs of work yesterday thanks to the same bug. This is ridiculous funcom.
Its simple’ when the server is rebooted we can get online’ after about ten hrs there always seems to be a problem. Everyone gets kicked then we can’t get back online. Due to the way the game works, we all in most cases suffer massive consequences in loosing our loot for example. Most essentialy our time. As a result of this bug!
Please help :pray:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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It could also be cheaters using a new exploit to gain extra attributes and shutting down server evidently a new screw over the to non cheater community . @Lionsraws

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Anyone here? funcom? we need a solution or you can close 3052 because all players have de-installed this buggy game.

Hello everyone,

We understand your frustration, our team has pinpointed the issue and we’re are doing our best to send out a fix as soon as possible.

Apologies for the long wait.

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Have not been able to login to this server all weekend, no matter the time now, so it’s progressed from late afternoon onwards, to all the time, whole weekend of hoping to play gone @Community

played today from 10 to 12. then i died and had a disconnect. after that no chance to join.
all equip ist gone.

Nearly another week passed by, we‘re paying for a game we cannot play…

i think it‘s time for a compensation.

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…and another unplayable weekend…

my respect to funcom. they earn money with a game that is unplayable for 2-3 month.

and nothing happens except of pleasing for patience.

shame on you!!!