Conan Exilles server #3052 PS4

very impressive base you have btw clan Draconis :slight_smile:


@Immortalowl thank you very much, which one? Lol

And we like what you have done with you’re base, we are impressed :grin:

Ok this server, is now even earlier before anyone can logon, now have to login before 07:00 GMT, can we at least have someone at g-portal to send please send a reboot signal, so we can try and login and play, we are going crazy during this lockdown grrr @Community

Hi everyone,

We perceived a rise in population in the server but we understand that the quality isn’t ideal just yet. We’ll keep searching for ways to improve the situation.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

today 8.45 in the morning. log in is impossible…


I know it is very bad, the Mrs and I get up at 5am to log on, it’s the only way, but for how long who knows, because it is getting earlier and earlier the window to get on

Server is still broken, player’s still cannot login after a certain time, we are still waiting for server stability to be addressed, because obviously that’s where the problems lay, not worried about parity patches, as I understand they are still a couple of month’s away before us PS4 users will get an update, but the server issue’s have nothing to do with that as they are,or should be using same build we are, or have they been updated with certain content, which is what could be causing all the problems?


We wait over 3 weeks and nothing?



As @Hugo stated before, we’re moving the server issues report to Zendesk. Therefore, we’ll ask everyone to submit a ticket there and we’ll make sure to add your feedback to help us improve the server condition.

Thanks in advance and apologies for the inconvenience.

@Mayra Have Already done that, and basically we get the same old, thanks for you’re report it will be looked into, why can’t the server’s be rebooted twice a day until these problems are resolved, already most of February has gone, still no improvement or any kind of patch to improve the stability, and from the feed back that I have received from you people, there isn’t going to be one anytime soon, if at all, the server population has dwindled to 4 player’s, because they make an effort to get logged on at silly o clock in the morning, but God help us if the games crashes, because you can’t log back on after 7:30 am, and from what I can see here, this is not the only server with the same issues, and I find it really difficult after all this time, we are not talking week’s we are talking month’s and month’s, almost a year now, as I remember these issues with server stability was happening back last march, that you’re staff regardless of working from home as I’m sure you all have computer’s at home all linked to the internet, have not solved a single problem or issue with the game and the server’s, most player’s cannot play it, unless they sacrifices of sleep to save month’s and year’s of work, producing their masterpieces, this is not fair on you’re player base and communities, I think waiting the amount of time we have been waiting is more than patient’s, it’s borderline Saint hood, so you asking us to have patient’s is wearing very thin, we need actual results now, not more excuses


Harsh words but I can not disagree with anything this man just posted.

Keep it 100%


Time 05:25, and can’t log in, only 1 hour and 25 minutes after server reset, me partner logged in 5 minutes before I did and got in, it is now even earlier that you have to login or forget it, it won’t be long now before server reset won’t work

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Ignore - Same problem - Wrong server.

@Community ok tried to logon to the server this morning, time 04:40 am, and endless loading screen, this is now less than an hour after server reset, which means it is now impossible to get on, no matter the time, zendesk reporting is not working for me now either, this is way beyond a joke, and proving the server provider’s are absolutely useless, so what is funcom going to do about it? Probably nothing except another message saying thanks for reporting the issue, we are dealing with the issue thanks for you’re patients, sorry I’m all out of patients, this has gone on long enough, me and my partner are seriously considering quiting the game and never looking back, it’s pretty obvious the support for console player’s is non existent, you should be ashamed of yourselves funcom, and g-portal, g-portal for thier abysmal server service, and funcom for abandoning the console community, absolutely useless, I am so disgusted


perhaps they wait till the server population is completely gone, so they can close the server.:wink: how much is server population now? dark pact, einherjer, draconis, architects and los goonies? every guild has 1-2 members?
so sad when looking back to the times when new players entered the server.


Exactly, not many left, us in draconis are trying to save everything we can, and gather as much as we can, so when they do sort the server out, or rather if, we can help player’s returning and new player’s, we have worked hard to do this, so just message us once it is resolved

Hello any update about this server? @Community

We need information! @Mayra @Hugo

Funcom support is more than a bad joke. We are paying money to play this game but it‘s unplayable!!!


i wrote a message to two german gaming magazines about the problems.
perhaps they can do anything to help.