PS4 Server #3053 PvE Conflict Constantly Down

15:45, again impossible to log in. I went in today at 13:30, three times in the whole time I was thrown out of the game, I can’t go to the fourth one. Again a long load and no result! (


Me too in Official server 3054 Pve Conflict :frowning: just a long load but nothing

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Any heads up or we need to find another game ?

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Couldn’t get on again yesterday.

Finally able to get on today, only find my entire base wiped out due to a purge , while I was offline.

By the look of it the attackers ‘materialised’ inside the base, and just ate through it. My Thralls apparently did not stop them , and upgrading to T3 materials didn’t do a damn thing to slow them down.

Right now I don’t really see the point in starting over, not until this broken , and lazy game mechanic is fixed. Otherwise , what is the point in creating defences that can just be instantly bypassed by teleporting purgers, what’s the point in even building a base?

That’s aside from the fact that I couldn’t even get on the server to do anything.

Yeah, I think I’m done.

I Think the servers get hacked. I message a Russian player why you hacked the Server, and he says why not.

Apologies for the delay in our response, we’re looking into this matter and will be sure to address it as soon as possible.

In the future, when reporting issues with Official servers, please reach out to us through Zendesk, as detailed below:

Be sure to include specify the time(s) when you experience any issues and to include the timezone.

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@hugo well thanks for showing another way to report issues, but will that solve them?

You all know the issues, you have found what is causing them, you say they are working on a fix, but it has been months and months of this, there has been no updates for consoles in quite sometime, let’s be honest is there any point or are we just wasting our breath?

Is the game dead for console and expect no more updates?


it‘s like a bad joke. nothing happens, only hold out slogans for month.

chansmier is right! we need answer that help us to decide to pay the money for the game we cannot play or to quit the game and don‘t buy siptah.


Just an update to this in my experience. I am able to get in the game in the mornings only might be a server restart thing. If I sign off to take a break and wanna play in the evenings it won’t let me I just get the never-ending loading screen.

My only option to play in the PM is to leave my character signed in and die from hunger over and over again. Not very ideal since I’m wasting electricity but its the workaround.

Server 3522 Official PVE-c

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We will Play Funcom, but we cant playing. Why nothing help?

still happening now… please sort this.

Hello we need Help Funcom where are you updates for Server Security? We wait and wait, ithink we see In news Funcom get hacked by UDSSR


are we still waiting? will it ever work? @Mayra @Hugo

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, there’s nothing new to announce regarding this matter. Our team is still working on it and performing tests along with G-Portal.

Apologies for the long wait.

Then freezen the servers

Hello Push

When when when fix???!!!

I think we change this game the Support says only sorry for this and over 3 weeks later, we sorry for this. I hate my life i will die. Shame of you

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We’re still working closely with G-Portal, and the test results were positive and promising. Now we’re waiting for them to implement the new feature into all the servers. However, they have informed us that will take yet more time to get everything up and running.

We apologize for the wait.