Why isnt the fixing of the endless loading screen the most important thing now? Why isnt it fixed after 14 days? What will the next game breaking bug be?

I cant join my server since 14 days. I manged to join it 2 times after i tried it over and over for 30minutes. If i didnt do this i will lost my whole base and its not a condition wich should stay for 14 days now. And the best is we had the same problem on one of the last chapter updates. @funcom you are destroying this game for me because everytime i play i cant because of endless loading screen, freezes or other bugs ingame like thralls falling through the floor or the enemy ai is so bugged that they run in the oposite direction of me and stop attacking me. The game is so unfunny becuase of all this bugs and bad server performance. And if u manage to fix this endless loading screen bug there will be another game breaking bug in the next update im 100% sure. But who cares?

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Once it was taking more then 12 month and one of the last times 4 month. Seems that it’s not the highest priority.


im trying to log in for more than 3 days now, i was about to buy the battle pass and some baazar, but i cant even log in on the server i play. If in 7 days i cant login my base will decay and probally it will be my last itaration with funcom games

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Maybe after todays patch there is a chance to login once and update your bases.

I will give it a try. Else it works right after the server restart for the most time. Had the luck last week. But usually I am not the guy who starts his console at 5am :joy:

They should turn of the decay timers while there is no fix…

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2h after serverrestart is not enough to get online :frowning:

And the workaround I read about is not working for me.
(login successfully to another server and try again the broken one)

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Somebody who was on my server was having the same problem. We’re friends on PSN and apparently he could get into the server by “joining” my game. Those are really specific circumstances, but hopefully that could help someone.

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