Official servers always full

Ppl should only be allowyed 1 character per play style meaning 1 for PvP 1 for pve and 1 for conflict I spent almost 300hrs or more in a server and had to change servers bc I wanted to play 1 day and it was full for over 2 days so went to another server started over bc ur charecter doesnt follow u came back 3 days trying to play and cant get in. We should get the devs to make it to were if I’m in server 3000 in pve and there’s 40 players including me that server wont allow another player in that server even after someone leaves allowing them to keep there progress unless someone on that server leaves to another pve server which will delete there old server meaning 3000 to 3001the file on server 3000 will b deleted allowing another player to join that server otherwise what’s the point of having 300 ppl on 1 server and only 40 players can b on that server better off just playing offline and I sures the hell not paying for a server