Server Cap Increase!

i made a post the other day about some thing different and it got a reply from a CM with in 15 mins, and this is just as important as that was. so i expect one here also.

Basically, 1 year ago when this game first released in early access. the plan was to have 70 players servers. they had problems, thats why they lowered it to 40. its been a year now. why isn’t it not been a focus to now make it back to 70 players? or 50 or 60. why still only 40.

The game is 1000 times better and smoother than back then. so whats stoping you from doing it? the map is also huge, its common sense to start to focus bringing back 70+ players servers.

people shouldn’t have to go to another server to play coz their server they are on is full. they need to find a work around. just looked to see how many people are playing, 34k how many of those are trying to log in to the servers they chose just for it to say full. i know i am one of them. edit: one work around i thought about, make a queue u can join? for now

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Bit selfish to tell other people your post should be the main one. JS

Anywho I personally think even with the new biomes 40 is a healthy cap. Think of the possibility of 40 players, some may grouo up others may go solo. Regardless there will be multiple bases associated with these 2 types so you’re looking at likely 30+ bases, most likely to be near important harvesting places and assuming a majority work together rather than go solo.

Its not big enough to fit 70 players until they make the world much bigger and spread the resources out further or provide alternative forms so people arent going to war over a few hot points of interest.

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4 hours later, server still full. to the CM’s that read this, i remember you guys having test servers to try out 70 cap, i hope you’re planing on doing that again now the game is fully out now.


It was big enough for 40 players without the new additional areas.
The thing is that the servers needs more players, you will at all times have alot of players offline.

Lets say you fill the 40 slots:
At the most you will probably have 30 - 35 players online.
Average you will see about 20 - 25 (if they are active).

30+ bases seems abit unrealistic considering people will have to group up to defeat others (clan).
If this was the main reason behind the player cap - then it would be alot better to put caps on bases you can build pr server…

Eh thatd be a horrible restriction. Although its obnoxious on servers where you cannot destroy other buildings eventually leading to a ton of land grabbing, no reason to tell players “you’ve reached your building cap” when one of the biggest objectives in this game is to build.

On private servers this is easy to maintain.
It’s not pr building block - but pr base.

Let’s say you have a clan - then you can only have 1 clan building and maybe 1 raiding building.

The game is made up of people who build, people who like PVE encounters and people who like all out PVP.
I’ve played this game for about 300 hours so far - it’s not about building unless you play on a PVE server…

i’m a PvE player my self, and i love building and what not. but its hard to convince my friend to buy the game when the servers are full and hardly any one logs off, the times we can play. was browsing the server list and seeing people pay for their own the ones that have a 70 cap, clearly it works fine, so why are they not beta testing the servers like they did before.

Not being able to play on a server I choose to play on is so frustrating. It ruins the game. You can’t establish yourself/defend yourself. Wtf is the point of the game if you can’t play the game when you want to play it?

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As much as I would love to see the world full of more people on my server, the sad fact of the matter is that the servers can barely handle the as is 40. The AI tends to get lag locked and teleport around unless you’re on a low populated server. My friends and I couldn’t even down the first boss because it lagged behind and then suddenly caught up with a flurry of unseen deathblows and teleportation. These are just remnants and traces of early issues when the game was first released, if anyone recalls that.

Definitely raise server caps, the world is too huge to limit it to 40 people, but optimizing the game to work better on servers should be priority.

These guys are breaking the mold by Funcom standards and I have every bit of faith that they’ll fix it.


servers seem s fine to me, the only things i have come across so far, is mobs being suck inside one another, no lag what so ever. but since the last time i played it before full release, the game has been optimized perfectly since then.

The reality is no one is logging out anymore. People are afk to avoid not being able to play…i haven’t been able to be on during raid times since launch due to bad luck disconnecting and being unable to rejoin my server. Eventually this will mean all my hard work is undone because funcom is preventing me from defending my base. I put thralls in there but let’s be real…those are just an annoyance and won’t stop anyone from raiding your base. They need anti afk scripts and to increase server cap NOW.


40 people cap itself is not that bad, but game really needs other features to work well.

  1. Server queue
  2. Kick afk players
  3. Optional, but very nice would be option to reserve slot (5 mins is enough) for you to reconnect in the case you left server other way than by ending the game or being kicked for afk

With these features 40 people is fine… alhough more people would be lovely.

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i already mentioned having a server queue for now untill they increase the cap, and having that 5 mins safety net incase u dc would be good.

but 40 people is not fine with any feature, like i mentioned before ( rough silly guess ) 40 cap server, over 200 (proberly way way more ) people have loged in and claimed it as their main server, and only 40 of them can play, while the others are trying to log in. that fine to you? coz its not for those waiting to play the game they paid to play and cant.

like i said before, im tring to convince my friend to get the game, but i dont want him getting the game when i can barely get into my server on my own let alone both of us.

still waiting for a CM to post/reply, guess they dont want to acknowledge they have a problem that needs to be fixed asap. people will start asking for a refund sooner or later.

They have commented, its on the front page of the general sub forum and moderators have tried assisting players on their threads.

Your issue is with too many people spamming the same type of thread and they have no reason to respond to every one of them. They likely read them all, but why bother repeating yourself a hundred times?

I feel you man. Raid is starting soon and I can’t finish the weak point. If this base gets raided I’ll probably give it a break. Frustrating. Hopefully it should be fixed soon by adding queue

I agree, I just started playing the game and my friend and I are unable to play the server we chose during daylight hours (we are in the US) because it is always crammed with people. Implementing a 25% increase in the server cap, adding more regional servers, adding a server queue time, adding an afk timer to kick people who abuse the ability to stay afk, and possibly adding reserve slots for veteran players on a certain server would all be great things to add that would increase server flow. I find it ridiculous that I am forced to either wait all day to play on a server that I have grinded on with my friend, or to find a new server entirely and hope the same thing doesn’t happen. Adding any of the features myself and others in this thread have offered would do wonders for this server capacity issue.

i found a temporary auto join queue site, which is best opened while in game in the steam overlay. its not the best, but its something for now untill they make one, if they bother.

On PS4, a higher population cap wouldn’t do a thing, except cause more lag and stability issues, then not to mention land and resource availability.

Whats going to happen is what’s happening now, you make a character play it, gather and build for hours and hours, but then when you log off, someone new joins and starts building and gathering for hours, when they log off, soneone else does the same thing, and the cycle continues, then you have like 200 characters on a server with a population of 70, so then 130 people from that server comes on here complaining that they cant get into the server and that their buildings have decayed and been destroyed.

As long as people can keep making characters after the population cap, the problem will persist. There needs to be a CHARACTER cap, NOT a population cap.

Agree with this post right here. I am online and afk right now which is causing the issue from preventing others from playing but I too want my play time and do not want to wait in long auto joins. So I log in early so I can play later also preventing someone else from enjoyment as I take up a slot while being AFK. This really needs to be addressed.

Not only does our official server have long wait times when its at the limit but it also from my experience seems to be running well and I have the most hours on the server currently (with almost all of them being play hours with the exception to today and 3 hours from the weekend). so… I vote for a population bump.

Right now as of 27 minutes ago server is full and will be full for the next 8 hours until raid time is done.

Same here, I have two brothers as well and we’re all logging on in the morning after the server resets and sitting naked in base. We previously railed against this practice as it is despicable but after having not been on at the same time SINCE LAUNCH we said screw it; if that’s the game we have to play we’ll play it