Increase Max Players on Popular servers!

I havnt been able to play on a official server for 3 days because its full the time I “CAN” play.
I have 400+ hours on the server and suddenly I can’t event protect my base.
Playing on server 1122 which has become very popular.

My suggestion is to raise max players on popular server incrementaly. Start with IE 48 players

They did have 70 to a server but had to reduce it cause the lag was like a million times worse than what we all get now.

you have to remember when tjey make the server size larger its not just more people to cause lag, but also the structures those people build. i hope it stays 40. sorry :frowning:

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Official servers are run on discount hosting. They cant handle it in any way. Even with 30 people on you see sub 5 server ticks. And with 40 you reach down to 2.

Server 1122 is full at the moment, which means that I CANT play.
It sucks.

Im not saying to raise to 70 players but a little more for the most popular servers. IE 48.

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