Up the player limit

It takes 30min-hour to get on 1 server, adding more is a great idea! But how about yo the player limit on the existing Ones! Thank you on behalf of everyone!


Upping the limit = more lag and more crashes, it’s at 40 for a reason…

Tbh I’d rather take my chances and actually play with friends then sit here hour and a half trying to get in

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I would love to have a higher player limit as well. I am concerned about lag and such, but I’m been in queue for 1 1/2 so far and it’s getting tiresome.

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You can always rely on private servers or single player or co op mode as you wait. :stuck_out_tongue:

My server stays full but I can always get in. I just quill if it’s full I back out and quill again the moment someone leaves or DC I load in. Longest I have waited was 30 min. Not saying it’s that way for everyone but it’s how I get in.