Suggestion: Increase Slots per Server

Hello everyone,

Just what the title says. I believe that, rather than having more 40-people servers, increasing the client cap up to 60 players per server would help much more:

  1. More activity in each server, especially since clans can be made of up to 10 members and also because the map has twice the size now.
  2. Less problems to join the server you are investing your time in.
  3. Less servers to control in terms of hacking issues and so on.
  4. With the improvement in performance (and taking into account yesterday’s awesomely fluid experience), I do not think that having 20 players more would hinder performance.

What do you think about it?


There are few topics about this already, but as you say increasing server size would be nice if there is possibility to do it without big performance issues. Still I do think a server queue is thing we need now the most as there is not an easy way to even get on full server.

agree with evrything, in my playble hours the servers always full,cannot play its really hard to join and keep up with the server this way.
pls incresse the slots the sooner the better.