How To Improve Server Capacities (Probable Suggestion)

I thought about the server capacities which are definitely too low especially when there’s no afk timer who kicks idle players.
What I thought about is how about a total number of players on a server.
Like 40 players maximum for example which means if those 40 go offline there’s no more room for 40 new players but the 40 players which already are on the server can log in whenever they want to.

I also saw a post about removing the in game player list. It could work similar to this idea.
Instead of removing it you could always show every player which exists on the server whether they are online or offline. So you can still mute and message them without seeing if they are online or offline.

This is just an idea. I have actually no idea about servers and things like that so if something like this is not possible I really would like to know why.

Your thoughts?