Server is full, WHAT?

I’m so fed up with this nonsense. I actually bought the game AND dlc 's and I’ve built a HUGE base on an official pvp server and I can’t even log on to the server because it’s always full. This is so annoying. So yeah, it would be awesome if seniority was a thing. How about saving a spot for the players who got huge bases. I’m really upset. I want to delete the game. Suggestion, if a server hits 40, LOCK it, remove it from the list and only put it back if people don’t connect to it for a month or so, like in every game in history… Can I get a million likes please, I bet EVERYONE agrees with me. A waiting line, at least?


You are suggesting only 40 people get to play on public servers? I don’t think that sounds financially wise. You play on a public server you must expect full servers time to time. I fully understand why you are upset I can no longer can enjoy hopping on my server whenever I want since the PS Plus noobs invaded. I wish instead they would hold your spot for 5 mins after a disconnect. It’s ridiculous how many times my PS blue screens from this game only for me not to be able to get back in because of a full server.


Yeah totally , but senior players could have priority on the waiting list, but theres no waiting list.

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