PS4 Servers Full

I’ve been playing on official server for months and have put a lot of time into it. Now they decide to make the game free on PS Plus and my server has been full for days. I haven’t been able to log in - never had this problem before.

I’m really looking forward to losing all my buildings. Is there anything in the works to have these server issues resolved? The game is basically unplayable right now.

@Karavandan, we had the same issues on Xbox when it first launched, and it was the “fresh game” crowd coming in to check it out. Sadly the only fix for this was to “spam” join your server.

It will be like this till the F2P period has ended and the crowd from that event will move on to the next F2P game.

dude me and my clan are having the same problem, we have been playing for about a year now. and we lost all our building due to not being able to get into the server that is constantly full. so many ours and effort just F^%$ gone.

Yep. Sad that the people who paid for the game are the ones being screwed over here… If I just hopped on for free i wouldn’t care.

All I’m saying is - myself and the 6 other people who i play with regularly that also all paid for the game will be calling it quits the moment our building is lost. No way I’m doing that all over again.

@Karavandan Funcom announced that they are increasing the decay timer on PlayStation servers to 14 days.

This should help if you are built on a PVE server, can’t say the same for PVP raiding is a common thing there.

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