When do you plan to fix/add servers?

The servers are a joke! I can never get on to play untill its 3AM EST because the America Servers ARE ALWAYS FULL! Who picked a 40 player limit? Thais ridiculous! You’ve been promising new servers in Americas YET HAVEN’T DELIVERED!
You need to increase the Server populations and allow server transfers to alleviate populations WITHOUT the player having to dump hundreds of hours of play time to start over AGAIN AND AGAIN!

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I agree something needs to happen to increase the server backlog for people trying to log into the game. I have to log into the game early in the morning to just get a spot to play when I am ready to play later on in the day or I am left waiting for a long time to join (1803). This of course adds to the problem as it also causes the server to cap sooner but when I log in at peak time… I am trying to auto join and have to wait up to 8 hours like my clan mates (that was last weekend) Weeknights are about 1-2 hours to join.

This kills your player base who love the game when you have PVP and purges trying to take you out when there is a call to arms for our players to join and they sit in a queue for a very log time. The waiting to join is more frustrating than most bugs in the game currently.

Increase server populations or have a system in place that removes players due to inactivity to free up the spot for others. Simply spinning up new servers is not a solution …its just a band aid. Many people flock to servers that are popular, people are already in clans and have their lvls up with bases established. Who wants to start over on another server just because they cant get into their current one.

Official Server 1803 ranking has been climbing quickly on battlemetics and more people are joining it due to this…

Hurry up on this please.

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I agree, Funcom have to increase the number of player for alls servers and add new servers (for all regions).