Queue system into servers

Hi Funcome,

there are already some official servers which are quite full. Especially between 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. (EU).

It is a frustrating to keep trying to join full servers.
The rule here is: whoever spams “join” faster comes in.

my suggestion: to build a queue that lets players join in.ä after the row, when someone goes out.

It’s there already.

Open steam, go to “Visualization”, from there fo to “Servers”, go either to history or favourite, click your favourite server and click “View information”, in the low left corner it’s going to be a button “join”, when you press it if it’s full it’s going to give you an option “Join the server as soon as a slot is free”.
Something along those lines.

Thats nice, but unfortunatley not in ps4 pr xbox available

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My bad, apologies, i didn’t understand it was a question about consoles, next time tag it with consoles tags.

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