More servers on launchday?

I mean C’mon guys… Not that there are no 2x fast servers anymore…
The few existing ones already full. ALL of them.

I played like an hour on #1011 it was 3 ppl when it opened up now I can’t join back.

NO character transfer…between servers.
NO EU servers have enough slots (still only 40/40 on a 3 times the size of a map).
NO bugreport forum anymore. (That’s why I made this thread here)
NO teleport option on death. (I mean stuff now gone (I know there will be the maproom but that’s more restricting also that option won’t help the grind… )

NO fast PVE servers at all… (XP is good enough but the gather rate that was butchered badly…)

So far the game was better while it was EA. (I just hope the most game or immersion breaking bugs are gone)

Anyway guys congrats to you about shipping in the spoken time.

Bug Reports can be post

here for PC
here for PS4
and here for XBOX


Thank you. It just got a new name. Sorry for my blindness. :smiley: