Oceania servers


Any chance of more Oceania official servers? 3 servers is a poor effort especially when all 3 are full.

More oceanic servers please? The

i agree, but to be expected. Looks like we have to wait for more servers. Who would want to play on release ? ummm everyone.


Kek can’t even play. 1 pvp server for an entire continent makes sense…


I expected more than 120 people in the entire country to be able to play this game


Try finding a no ping server some time. We are in the cold also.


South America PvP got full in the first 2 minutes, desperately need one more.


one pve server and it was full in 5 seconds thats really bad planing funcom


yeah 1 server for full PvP, like really?


Surely we can get more servers for Oceania. Like you can’t expect us to wait in a massive queue all day spamming refresh hoping that we have the slim chance to enter the server before the other hundred people that are waiting.


I expected more than 40 people to be able to play PvP. O_o


look like more servers opened up


For me, I looks like they just took away a server.


More Oceanic servers please <3


nope i was wroong


I started playing on that new one #1951… but then it was disconnected. This sucks


same here ■■■■■■


Yep i started on one that went from pvp to pve back to pvp. Guessing there trying to get some more up. Maybe they should of tried a little harder to get it all up together.


i cannot see any servers


Yea the official servers are just crashing in PVP. PVE server just 1 which is full and ridiculous just to have 1 and PVE conflict none official server . Grrrr waiting waiting for release and we cant play.


thought they would of learnt there lesson from first day of EA