More Oceanic PVE Servers PLS

I hope your staff know the geographical term of Oceanic. And if they do then they would have included player bases from Australia, New Zealand and more.

You have x2 oceanic servers compared to America 32 pve servers. You launched a game thinking there is less than 80 people in the whole of Oceania going to play this game. As developers or gaming company you are suppose to have more open slots for players and if they are not filling up by time you reduce the number. Seriously this is a complete failure and i have not seen this in any other game.

On top someone stupid made the decision to merge PVP servers with PVE. Whoever made that decision should be in another field of I.T. and not gaming.

This is very unprofessional and not acceptable, and yet we are still seeing limited servers and yet most of us cannot log on.

new game and cant login . only 80 slots … are you guys serious ? you need a hell of alot more servers than 2 in PVE Oceanic.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been there are a limited number of options for servers in your region. We are currently looking into expanding the number of servers we have available so that players will have more options in the near future. I apologize for the delay in the meantime.

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I don’t want to be harsh on you as it’s been very harsh on the player base. Again today x2 oceanic servers are full. I don’t mind playing on other non oceanic servers but the application doesn’t allow us to because our ping is too high. Therefore locking us oceanic players out of the game totally. We can’t even play on any other server. mate I don’t know what to tell you but this has to be the worse experience.

You should get the devs to sort this out. You charged me well over 30 dollars to get this game and I don’t have any options to enjoy the game. I can’t even log onto other server to enjoy the game. All we are doing is waiting for people to log off the server. Do think this is fair on the players who spent a large amount of money ?? Use also failed to have a proper backup plan for things going wrong. But obvriously accepting peoples money isn’t a problem on your side. For us it’s the worst experience in years.

We want to see results and we want to see them now and not the near future as you say. Do we not have the right for that ??

Why after over a year in early access did you end up choosing a server hosting service that could only give you a handful of servers, you’ve had the data of how many players bought the game from Oceanic countries, and yet there’s so many American servers, half of which have less than 50% occupancy. This is starting to feel like the usual “screw Australia they don’t matter” kind of mentality.

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